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Tuesday, 22 September 2015 12:54

A tale of two cities - On tour with the EA User Group

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A Tale of Two Cities Four countries[1], three days, two European EA user groups. This is the EA User Group on tour, September 2015. These are my observations of the events, with hints for future attendees and organisers, and some cautionary tales.   We’ll always have Paris Today is an unusual day. We're at an EA User Group meeting, but only as spectators. Normally, we're involved in some more active role: speaking, organising, sometimes both. But today is different. This is the 12th northern hemisphere UG meeting: two in Canada, one in USA, 4 in UK, three in Germany, one…
With EA Navigator version you can now navigate from and to composite diagrams of an element.Recently I’ve been working a lot with BPMN models. BPMN models make extensive use of the composite diagram mechanism in EA to drill-down on the processes and sub-processes. In a classical UML model we usually place the composite diagram under the element, in which case finding the composite diagram, or finding the element(s) that have a diagram as composite diagram, is trivial. They are at the same location in the project browser. In most BPMN models however there’s separation between model andlibrary where the…
Hippo Software’s new ‘EA for GUI Design’ course teaches delegates how to capture end user requirements and create wireframe diagrams to design the layout of user interfaces, mobile apps or websites. http://www.hippo-software.co.uk/pages/EAforGUIDesign.htm
Monday, 31 August 2015 03:49

Upcoming Webinars - Late 2015

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Sparx Systems is pleased to announce a number of upcoming webinars covering topics including geodatabases, Cloud Services and migrating ArcGIS models in Visio. To learn more, visit our Webinar directory: www.sparxsystems.com/webinars Modeling Techniques for Large-Scale ArcGIS Geodatabases September 2015 Learn how to create modular schema designs to maximize reuse; define scalable design diagrams from reusable components; and leverage inheritance of abstract shape stereotypes. Click to Register Introduction to Cloud Services October 2015 Learn how to create, manage and configure the Sparx Systems Cloud Service to provide convenient, secure model access anywhere in the world. Click to Register How to Migrate…
  Event: IIBA® Business Analysis Professional Day Location: Melbourne, Australia Date: 19th October 2015 (8am-5pm) The IIBA® Business Analysis Professional Day is a highly interactive, conference-style event and is the official conference of the IIBA Australia Chapter. Attendees from a diverse range of industries will have the opportunity to share ideas about how to face the challenges of modern business analysis. The Business Analysis Professional Day will include a number of specialist streams from some of the most respected experts in the world of business analysis who will share practical skills that can be immediately put to use The event…
Modeling ArcGIS Geodatabases with Enterprise Architect 12 Are you getting started with ArcGIS geodatabase design and wondering how UML can help? Have you worked with ArcGIS for years and want a better way to design and share schemas? We'll show you how to design, validate and generate a simple geodatabase from the ground up. In this webinar you will learn how to: Model a geodatabase schema using UML and Enterprise Architect 12 Check the semantics of your model with a powerful validation tool Implement your design using ArcCatalog We encourage you to Register Today.
IIBA has signed a collaborative agreement with Sparx Systems Pty Ltd.IIBA is committed to forging value-add relationships with corporations, associations and business stakeholders to create greater connections and engagements across the business analysis community. These new Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) will provide support, products, services and connections to practitioners and their organizations, which will help them deliver a strong BA practice and achieve organizational success.The IIBA has more information on their website.Sparx Systems Pty Ltd.Sparx Systems and IIBA share similar interests and commitment in expanding the value each provide to their respective stakeholders. By supporting each other’s efforts in specific…
Sparx Systems has been recognized for it's leadership in providing quality technology in support of Service Oriented Architecture Technology related modeling. CIOReview recently published a list of the "...20 most promising SOA Solution Providers, listing the best vendors and consultants who provide key technology solutions and services related to SOA." CIOReview is a technology magazine that talks about the enterprise solutions that can define the business goals of enterprises of tomorrow. Enterprise Architect implements the OMG’s Service oriented architecture Modeling Language (SoaML), which provides a standards-based approach to modeling SOA solutions using the UML. As a natural complement to SoaML,…
Sparx Systems has been regarded highly in a recent publication of CIO Review magazine, identifying the company as a benchmark vendor within the Enterprise Architecture space.Following on from CIOReview's inclusion of Sparx Systems within the 2015 BPM Top 20 list, the review process is conducted with the support of industry experts, identifying vendors who "... have exhibited vast knowledge and in-depth expertise in delivering EA related solutions."An active and informative Sparx Community is one of the driving forces that support Sparx Systems in being recognized in this space; a highly collaborative Community membership who share their experiences underpins the global…
Wednesday, 29 July 2015 06:18

Factoring and Enterprise Architect

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Factoring has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years and today the global worth of the factoring business is estimated to be over €2.25 trillion. Partho Chakraborty and Arvind Sonmale, recently published a book called “Factoring - A Powerful Tool in the World of Finance”. In this publication Enterprise Architect was used to create the Business Process models using BPMN 2.0. Factoring as means of finance is very ancient and there has been much written on the topic. What we currently see on Factoring can be considered the classical form. Today the customer is very discerning and wants…