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  • MANEA - a new integration tool for Mantis Bug Tracker and Enterprise Architect

    integrated into Enterprise Architect The possibility to manage notifications about errors on the basis of the model made in UML Ease of installation in the MANTIS system because MANEA is a standard plugin Support for repositories of errors and models...

  • LieberLieber AMUSE 1.5 - Released - Simulating Statemachines with Enterprise Architect 8

    We are glad to announce the availability of LieberLieber AMUSE 1.5. AMUSE stands for Advanced Modeling UML Simulation & Execution and is a plugin for EA which allows simulating behavioral diagrams. AMUSE aims at detecting issues early in the project...

  • Design Driven Testing: Test Smarter, Not Harder

    approach to each stage of the project lifecycle. Illustrates a lightweight and effective approach using a core subset of UML. Explains how to use Enterprise Architect to generate automatically acceptance test cases from structured scenarios Explains how...

  • Canberra EA User Group - 09/12/2010

    in shaping the company’s successful Model Driven Generator (MDG) framework for Enterprise Architect - a world leading UML modeling environment. Prior to this, Ben has held positions as a Software Engineer and Lead Architect in projects ranging from...

  • LieberLieber AMUSE 2.0 was released today.

    Today we launch LieberLieber AMUSE 2.0 ! The next evolution of our leading edge UML/SysML Simulation and Execution extension for Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems . You can get your copy for Evaluation from: here Find more Details on our Blog:...

  • Enterprise Architect 9.2 Released

    evaluation. Take control using the new Breakpoints and Events window. Introducing support for Baseline Diagram Comparison, UML 2.4.1, BPMN 2.0 Simulation, GDB Debugging and much more. Download today to experience hundreds of productivity enhancements...

  • Are you an expert in MDG Technologies with Enterprise Architect?

    SOA, SOMF or Zachman, to help us refine our support for these specialised styles of EA model. Our experience is mostly with UML, so we’ve got that covered. The deal is: You send us some real-world example documents and EA models using these model styles...

  • Enterprise Architect 9.3 Released (Build 930)

    to understand and debug by generating sequence diagrams showing the interaction between multiple instances of a class. Create UML Object diagrams interactively to analyze and capture the execution state of objects and their run-time relationships....

  • SysML 1.3 beta preview

    The next version of SysML, the modelling language based on UML for Systems Engineering projects, should be released in June as version 1.3 beta is currently listed on the OMG.org website . Even though SysML 1.3 beta specifications aren’t released yet,...

  • New "more agile" version of Agile/ICONIX add-in available

    Inclusion of the "ICONIX Technology" which includes process roadmaps and project templates for use case driven projects using UML, embedded systems projects using SysML, Business Process Modeling using Structured Scenarios, and Service-Oriented...

  • AMUSE 2.2 - "Free Edition"

    Download Free Edition or request the trial license for the Professional Edition: AMUSE Features Free Edition Pro Edition UML-Model execution in Enterprise Architect • • Event simulation • • Monitoring attribute values • • Validation and auto-correction...

  • Enterprise Architect Seminar in China

    Code Engineering, Report Generation, etc. Language: The seminar will be presented in Chinese. For More Details: http://www.uml.org.cn/ToolsEA/cphd.asp

  • Submission Guidelines

    associated with Enterprise Architect such as scripts, add-in code samples, document templates, images, MDG technologies, UML patterns, profiles, sample models etc. The title should describe what the resource is, in broad terms and the function it...

  • "Probably the largest collection of Sparx EA talent ever assembled"

    , and started by encouraging us to think about using languages that our customers can understand – Russian, German, English, UML, SysML, he had them all covered – before describing his work with executable models. Ian Mitchell from eaDocX , did two...

  • Changing the Appearance of BPMN 2.0 Elements - A Tagged Value Summary

    as a “white box” ready to contain Activities and other process flow elements true – displays as a “black box” resembling a UML Class element participantMultiplicity false true false – no icon displayed true – displays “three vertical bars” icon 2.7 Data...

  • CIO Review: Sparx Systems Productivity Tool Vendor Top 20

    platform for the planning, design, and construction of software intensive systems based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML)." The selection committee of prominent CEO's, CIO's and analysts, including the CIO Review's editorial board was responsible...

  • Enterprise Architect - Exploring the tool

    we would now share these with the wider EA community. In these videos Phil Chudley , Principal Consultant & OMG Certified UML Professional at DT Consulting, will be walking us through the Sparx Systems modelling tool, Enterprise Architect. This series...

  • Sparx Systems Support for Universal Business Language

    Enterprise Architect provides the following resources for the composition of business documents using UBL: UML Framework - UBL 2.1 Main Document Libraries - UBL 2.1 Common Component Libraries Business Document Composition - Schema Composer for component...

  • BPMN and the Digital Enterprise - Part 1

    and create leaner organisations, by assisting to integrate the business elements of the value chain. While applying UML as the base, these techniques enable the enterprise to better understand and design its enterprise architecture and allow the...

  • BPMN Generator from Dunstan Thomas Consulting

    Use Case textual scenarios, the most common of which is termed an Activity Graph. This Activity Graph is a simplified form of UML Activity Diagram. This works well, but many organisations have, or are in the process of, standardising the modelling of...


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