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  • Enterprise Architect Training Courses available in France

    Slides and exercises content updated with Enterprise Architect 12.1 version. 2 or 3 day thorough training courses, involving UML, BPMN2, or SysML. Optional sessions available: configure a project to be shared with other users; create an MDG Technology;...

  • BPMN Generator from Dunstan Thomas Consulting

    Use Case textual scenarios, the most common of which is termed an Activity Graph. This Activity Graph is a simplified form of UML Activity Diagram. This works well, but many organisations have, or are in the process of, standardising the modelling of...

  • BPMN and the Digital Enterprise - Part 1

    and create leaner organisations, by assisting to integrate the business elements of the value chain. While applying UML as the base, these techniques enable the enterprise to better understand and design its enterprise architecture and allow the...

  • Sparx Systems Support for Universal Business Language

    Enterprise Architect provides the following resources for the composition of business documents using UBL: UML Framework - UBL 2.1 Main Document Libraries - UBL 2.1 Common Component Libraries Business Document Composition - Schema Composer for component...

  • Enterprise Architect - Exploring the tool

    we would now share these with the wider EA community. In these videos Phil Chudley , Principal Consultant & OMG Certified UML Professional at DT Consulting, will be walking us through the Sparx Systems modelling tool, Enterprise Architect. This series...

  • Download APG ModelFlow Trial for Enterprise Architect

    element and connector content from any ODBC, SQL, and CSV data source Align with existing and custom MDG Technologies and UML Profiles Synchronize with existing elements and connectors using any property or tagged value Map columns to any EA element or...

  • Fresh Modeling Versioning with LemonTree

    standards such as IEC 61508 demand the application of configuration management. This applies to all artifacts, including UML models. LemonTree from LieberLieber is our key to revealing the changes that have been made to a revision.” Test LemonTree now...

  • The Internet of Things, Connectedness and Big Data

    with CSIRO to support the ongoing development of model registry features and functionality for Sparx's Enterprise Architect UML modelling tool. http://www.sparxsystems.com.au/press/articles/CSIRO-Collaboration.html

  • Show or hide Ports, Activity Parameters or Action Pins

    specified points of interactions (Ports). The Port type is the specification of the interaction point. It also works for: UML Port SysML Block, Part, Port Activity Parameter (no type hide/show supported) Action Pin (no type hide/show supported) Select:...

  • Award for Smart Grid Technology based on Enterprise Architect

    Systems Sparx Systems, founded in Australia in 1996, is the producer of Enterprise Architect – one of the most successful UML modeling platforms in the world. Enterprise Architect enables the conceptualization and creation of software systems, business...

  • CIO Review: Sparx Systems Productivity Tool Vendor Top 20

    platform for the planning, design, and construction of software intensive systems based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML)." The selection committee of prominent CEO's, CIO's and analysts, including the CIO Review's editorial board was responsible...

  • Requirements Management in Sparx Enterprise Architect

    and convenient as in ERA Addin, but important thing is that you will not break anything! ERA Addin does not use any custom UML Profile, it works with default, built-in Requirement type. So you can start using it on your already created requirement...

  • Enterprise Architect Tips Compilation- 1

    custom stereotypes and Tagged Values Save custom stereotypes with tagged values as profile items and import into Resources-> UML Profiles to simplify modeling. Figure 23 Simplify Modeling with custom stereotypes and Tagged Values Tip #24: Synchronize...

  • Trac-Car Recognised for Technology Innovation at UNFCCC

    to understand and reduce their own emissions. The core of the reporting has been generated from an Enterprise Architect UML model, and the cloud platform is designed to connect to existing meters, spreadsheets, databases etc and capture accurate,...

  • Enterprise Architect Community

    Catch Software is a proud partner of Sparx Systems and is pleased to sell and support their industry-leading UML CASE tool, Enterprise Architect . We love engaging with the Sparx Community, and as part of this, we host User Groups in New Zealand and...

  • Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reporting in the Cloud

    gas emissions for Australia's National Greenhouse Emissions Reporting in Sparx Enterprise Architect. The solution has a UML model at its core that has been used to generate a database to connect to data from electricity, transport and other industrial...

  • CEN/TC 287 Award for Academic Excellence in INSPIRE

    received the award. Sparx Systems' ArcGIS plug-in was developed in conjunction with CSIRO and supports the creation of visual UML models of ArcGIS geodatabases. Visualizing geodatabase designs, facilitates traceability of geospatial systems to the...

  • Where Technology meets Business

    36 distinct types of retail peripherals and these models are documented using the widely accepted Unified Modeling Language (UML). NRF-ARTS The Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS), a division of the National Retail Federation, is a...

  • Sparx Systems Supports GML

    with WXXM (Weather Information Exchange Model), which is an industry profile based on GML. Sparx Systems' recent release of UML to GML underscores our support for standards and standards development to enable efficient geospatial communication within...

  • ODM MDG Technology Whitepaper

    This paper introduces ontology development with UML using Enterprise Architect's MDG Technology for ODM. The Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM) was developed by The OMG and covers the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and the Resource Definition Framework...


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