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  • Sparx Featured in SD Times: DevOps Driven Digital Transformation

    In an in-depth and illuminating interview with Sparx Systems Founder and CEO Geoffrey Sparks, Alexandra Weber Morales from SD Times identified several key aspects surrounding the company's continued growth in the DevOps space. Geoffrey illustrated how...

  • SD Times - How UML makes a DevOps-driven digital transformation possible

    In this month's edition of SD Times, reporter Alexandra Weber Morales has interviewed Sparx Systems CEO, Geoffrey Sparks about the prevalence of UML in DevOps culture. Morales, who originally profiled Sparx Systems over 10 years ago, reconnected again...

  • Prolaborate 3.2 released: Architecture Landscape chart, Matrices, Bulk import

    Sparx Systems has released Prolaborate 3.2 this summer with the following enhancements. Charts ** Architecture Landscape : new chart dedicated for your Enterprise Architecture data. Chart Designer : build your graphs with this step by step design tool...

  • Lean Enterprise Architecture Framework

    See this " Lean Enterprise Architecture Framework (LEAF) " that is created with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and published as html - for providing inspiration to ArchiMate-, BPMN- and UML-modellers. This framework can be used for to support...

  • Requirements for Digital Transformation

    Requirements are fundamentally important as they are about building the right system. Yet the failure of requirements is the primary cause of project failure. How many times do we forget passwords AND user names? This is a clear example of the risk...


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