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  • eaUtils addin: sorting, alias generation and breadcrumb trail features

    according to their order in a diagram e.g. UC_001, UC_002.... It also can be applied to other diagrams such as UML activity, BPMN process, Archimate, etc. Consider the following use case diagram: Note: use cases on the above diagram are stored in the...

  • DT Consulting talk about the development of their online training environment.

    next? The upcoming releases for the DT Consulting on-line training courses are as follows; Business Process Modelling using BPMN 2.0 Business Process Modelling using BPMN and Enterprise Architect An Introduction to ArchiMate UML with Enterprise...

  • The Power of Instance Classifier

    names get modified: they get a colon (:) followed by their Class name. We can use this for other purposes. Below are two BPMN Process Diagrams, which use some Activity Partitions, otherwise known as Swimlanes. EA makes the Activities and decisions into...

  • The Well Dressed Model

    to all former students for repeating this. If you’re in that select group, can you remember the most important UML (or BPMN, or SysML..) modelling construct ? The Note. The humble note. They don’t cost anything, they never run out, and they can...

  • "Probably the largest collection of Sparx EA talent ever assembled"

    when your life depends on the software working correctly? We then split into 3 parallel sessions, with talks on SysML & BPMN, Use Cases and MDGs, EA Navigator and Analyser Workbench, but mostly tales of how different people have used EA. There were...

  • eBook: Modeling Service Oriented Architectures

    a pre-fabricated project package structure, and a Car Rental example which includes: a Domain Model a WSDL package a BPMN model example of BPEL code generation from the BPMN model a Rule Flow diagram containing Rule Tasks for use with the Business Rule...

  • Enterprise Architect 9 Beta Release

    of productivity enhancements and new technologies such as the new Personal manager, Project Calendar, Hand Drawn rendering, BPMN 2 support and much, much more. Registered Enterprise Architect users can download the beta Today. Full release details are...

  • New Year, New Hippo Software Enterprise Architect Training Courses

    [1 day] EA for Business Analysts [2 days] EA for Business Analysts with UML [3 days] EA for Business Analysts with UML and BPMN [3 days] EA Requirements with Use Cases [2 days] EA Business Process Models with BPMN [1 day] EA for Software Engineers [2...

  • Call for Speakers and/or Teachers – EAUG Brussels 2017

    Mapping, Process Modelling Systems Engineering Business Analysis, Requirements Management Modelling Languages (UML, SysML, BPMN, ArchiMate) SOA, DDS, GIS, NIEM Data modelling Code generation/IDE integration Project management EA-based reporting EA...

  • Enterprise Architect User Group: London 2017

    day. The training day adds to the event a selection of six, three hour training sessions on a variety of subjects from BPMN to TOGAF and Model Curation. Location Code Node, 10 South Place, London, EC2M 7BT Get Directions Agenda; Thursday 18th May You...

  • New EA workshops from Dunstan Thomas

    Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect; Database Modelling workshop SysML 1.4 with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect workshop BPMN 2.0 with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect workshop Scripting with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect workshop All details...

  • Complimentary Digital Transformation Workshop: Seattle, August 30

    transformation, and get a personal view of how Next generation Business Architecture and Business Process Management (BPMN, CMMN & DMN) tools and techniques are enabling stakeholders across the organization to bridge gaps and collaborate on the business...

  • Custom Progress Bars in EA version 13 Beta

    only work for elements without a shape script, then Custom Progress Bars cannot be used on elements defined in MDGs such as BPMN 2.0 and ArchiMate 2.0. This feature could provide a level of Project Management information. In order to try this feature...

  • EA User Group Scotland June 8: Full Schedule Announced

    by Hippo Software 12.30pm– 1.30pm Lunch 1.30pm– 2.15pm User presentation: Effective Collaboration with Use Cases and BPMN Ian Freeman, Business Systems Architect, Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution Q&A session 2.15pm– 3pm Presentation: An...

  • Business Analysis Trends 2016 - Strategy to Implementation

    documents using corporate-formatted templates, using just a few button clicks. Further to this,modeling techniques such as BPMN, org charts, strategy maps, business rules, enterprise architecture frameworks such as Zachman and UPDM, in addition to...

  • New: Dunstan Thomas Consulting MDG Workshop

    for experienced users to develop their own MDGs either from scratch or based upon an existing MDG such as ArchiMate, or BPMN. This one day workshop will provide attendees with a practical experience of the tasks required to build a typical MDG. Agenda...

  • Dunstan Thomas Consulting Cloud Services deployment of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect for ATOC

    are relative newcomers to Enterprise Architect and have been using the tool to model, primarily, business processes using BPMN 2.0. ATOC have a number of modelling teams allocated to specific groups and have a number of floating licenses. Dunstan Thomas...

  • Enterprise Architect Training Courses available in France

    and exercises content updated with Enterprise Architect 12.1 version. 2 or 3 day thorough training courses, involving UML, BPMN2, or SysML. Optional sessions available: configure a project to be shared with other users; create an MDG Technology;...

  • Capture runtime method calls with the Execution Analyzer

    as a modelling tool to define and maintain a structured set of models based on standard languages or notations such as UML, BPMN, SysML, or ArchiMate. Enterprise Architect includes several features to fulfill other needs, associated with functional,...

  • Feedback from the EAUG Paris 2015

    A passionate debate quickly following on whether one should define a tailored metamodel or use standards such as BPMN, Archimate, and TOGAF. Some pointed out the flexibility from the first option, whilst others argued in favour of the standards based on...


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