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  • Importing requirements from Excel to Enterprise Architect with eaDocX for a model-driven approach to build the RFP response

    been set up, the client's requirements were imported via the following the process: Summary of the main steps from the above BPMN2 diagram: Step A : prior to run an import from Excel with eaDocX's eaXL, an Excel file needs to be generated. To do so,...

  • Define a set of elements to reuse on diagrams with UML patterns

    element before it is created. Of course UML patterns can be applied from any type of diagram (UML class, UML state machine, BPMN, SysML BDD, etc.) or model (analysis, design, tests, architecture, etc.).

  • SVG Diagram Export Add-In

    of this Add-In with the following changes: Fixed some bugs that made the export crash on some diagram types (for example BPMN) Optimizations to reduce the size of generated SVG files Eliminations of (most) warnings during import of the SVG files in MS...

  • The European EA User Group is back in town!

    Doug Rosenberg. 10:30 - 10:45 Refreshments 10:45 - 11:30 Track 1 - Requirements alone don't fly! with Paul Hewitt Track 2 - BPMN 2.0 with Phil Chudley. Track 3 - Fifty Enterprise Architect tricks with Peter Doomen. 11:45 - 12:30 Track 1 - Writing Use...

  • Combining the Service Oriented Modeling Framework (SOMF) with Business Process Modeling Notation

    Describes the value of combining the Service Oriented Architecture notation provided by SOMF with the BPMN process modeling notation.

  • Linking the Domain and Requirements Models

    The advent of structured repositories such as Sparx Enterprise Architect, along with well-defined meta languages such as BPMN and UML, opens up new possibilities in the use of domain and requirements models; by linking these models we can begin to ask...

  • The Value of an Enterprise Information Model

    implementation classes and procedures for deployment (allied with the principles of MDA). Business Process Models (in BPMN or UML) and User Interaction Models can bemapped to the business domains, providing not only a shared knowledge base, but also a...

  • An Overview of SoaML

    to contain other services. Easily mapped to and made part of a business process specification. Compatibility with UML and BPMN forbusiness processes. Direct mapping to web services. Top-down, bottom-up, or meet-in-the-middle modelling. Design by...

  • The Business Solutions Integrated Framework - BSIF

    based analaysis and design approaches Image Control Letting you decide what to show on your diagrams Full support for UML, BPMN, TOGAF and Archimate notations in EA. Download the attached article below - it provides an introduction to the origins of and...

  • European Enterprise Architect User Group in London

    how his BA team (distributed world-wide) have adopted Enterprise Architect for all client facing projects. They use BPMN 2.0 as their modelling notation and eaDocX for all their documentation requirements. It was most inspiring to her how his team have...

  • EA Connector for Trac / EA Connector for Redmine Released

    business flow, you found an issue to discuss or assign to someone later. Using the Quicklinker, create an Issue object from BPMN Dataobject. By synchronizing the Issue object, the Add-in automatically creates a new Trac ticket. The number is...

  • Are you an expert in MDG Technologies with Enterprise Architect?

    We’re looking for EA enthusiasts who are experienced in either BPMN, TOGAF, SysML, DoDAF/MODAF, Archimate, SOA, SOMF or Zachman, to help us refine our support for these specialised styles of EA model. Our experience is mostly with UML, so we’ve got...

  • Enterprise Architect 9.2 Released

    Take control using the new Breakpoints and Events window. Introducing support for Baseline Diagram Comparison, UML 2.4.1, BPMN 2.0 Simulation, GDB Debugging and much more. Download today to experience hundreds of productivity enhancements and join a...

  • Enterprise Architect 9 Official Release

    - Test Points, Model Simulation and enhanced Visual Execution Analysis. Create Models, Architectures and Strategies - BPMN 2.0, SysML 1.2 and SOMF 2.0. From Concept to Design - New Round-trip Engineering support for C# 4.0 and VB.NET 10. Take Control...

  • Date Change Announcement for ICONIX Washington DC Public Class

    for Service Oriented Architecture " roadmap as described in the book " ICONIX Process Roadmaps ". Exercise will include BPMN and WSDL modeling, BPEL code generation, and Behavioral Code Generation from Business Rules. Friday: Embedded Systems Modeling...

  • Enterprise Architect RTF Document Template Workshop

    Systems Australia and provides formal training, consulting and hands-on mentoring in Enterprise Architect, UML, SysML and BPMN.

  • Enterprise Architect Community Building – “Best Practice Workshop”

    Der RTF-Reportgenerator von EA Traceabilty in EA (Spice, CMMI,…) Der Enterprise Architect im Team Enterprise Architect und BPMN/BPEL Eigene Plugin schreiben Code Generation Templates und Erweiterungen Roundtrip Requirement Management Integration...


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