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Wednesday, 10 November 2010 11:54

An Implementation of TRAK in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

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This paper is a companion to a presentation made at the INCOSE UK chapter’s Annual Systems Engineering Conference. The paper describes how an implementation of the definition of TRAK was implemented as a MDG technology for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. It covers the architecture, features together with the considerations and an outline of the lessons learnt.

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Nic Plum

Eclectica Systems Ltd. (Consultant)

Nic is a long time systems engineer/thinker who has worked mostly in aerospace and defence but has diversified into big government projects and more recently rail and transport. He views enterprise architecture and modelling as one of the essentials to any toolkit. Over the last year he has co-created TRAK - an architecture framework based on MODAF - using EA and has developed an MDG Technology to implement it within EA - and learnt a lot in the process! TRAK is a simple, pragmatic, no-nonsense framework which is based firmly around the user (not the specifier or tool vendor ;-) ) - it has to be easy to user & 'obvious'...

Website: sf.net/p/mdgfortrak
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