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Michael Wolski

Michael Wolski (PhD. in computer science) has extensive knowledge in the areas related to software development processes, including the Rational Unified Process methodology and Agile methodologies. In addition, he is characterized by high, practical proficiency in CASE tools, which support IT systems’ design and modeling.

He is the author of several trainings and publications in the field of software engineering.  


Today we published a new release of Tormigo (2.01.00) 
In this version we added the possibility to prepare a report based on the mechanism of baseline, which is used to compare changes in the EA repository.

Other modifications in 2.01.00 version:

  • the bug connected with the default application language has been removed. The bug could have caused the inability to run Tormigo
  • the appearance of the reports exported from Tormigo has been improved

Feel free to download new release of Tormigo: http://tormigo.modesto.pl/downloads


I am pleased to announce that on 1.10.2011 we released a new version of TORMIGO - Third Party Plug-ins for Enterprise Architect.

We fixed a number of smaller bugs and we added GDocs module which allows for synchronization of the requirements saved in the Enterprise Architect with Google Docs spreadsheet. 

Tormigo Google Docs allows for:

  • two-way synchronization of requirements saved in Enterprise Architect project repository and requirements saved in Google Docs spreadsheet.
  • the possibility to work on requirements in the cloud
  • making the backup of the current version of requirements in the spreadsheet
  • monitoring changes and send information by e-mail to defined persons

You can test Tormigo free of charge for 30 days from: http://tormigo.modesto.pl/

You can see demonstration movie: http://tormigo.modesto.pl/movies/

You can find out more about TORMIGO by visiting our website at http://tormigo.modesto.pl/

Modesto Company publishes tool support for management of requirements gathered in Enterprise Architect.

Tormigo offers in the requirements management  area:

  • The possibility to configure the basic options of the application and the possibility to choose the language of user’s interface. At present the application is available in English and Polish.
  • The possibility to browse, add, edit and remove requirements, use cases and actors.
  • The application makes it possible to enable the versionization of the changes for the requirements, use cases and actors. When the versionization option is enabled each change of the features of one of these elements forces the user to describe the changes with their reasons and the author.
  • There is a possibility to view the previous versions of the elements together with the information on the date change, the author and the reason.
  • The application makes it possible to save the entered description of change in order to quickly reuse it while editing another element.
  • There is also the possibility of easy and fast mapping of the requirements, implemented by defined use cases, in the system.

Tormigo can be downloaded free of charge from Tormigo downloads site. More information can be found at Tormigo website

I'm glad to announce the release of MANEA. MANEA is a plugin to MANTIS BUG Tracker, which allows for two-way synchronization of selected entries from the MANTIS BT system according to the repository requirements contained in Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems.

MANEA synchronizes only those entries that are appropriately marked.

Characteristics of MANEA:

  •     Mapping entries and applications in Enterprise Architect to specific application model artifacts
  •     Discussing the requirements set by Enterprise Architect in the MANTIS system
  •     Enabling a wide range of people to report requirements proposals and allowing administrators to indicate which entries are integrated into Enterprise Architect
  •     The possibility to manage notifications about errors on the basis of the model made in UML
  •     Ease of installation in the MANTIS system because MANEA is a standard plugin
  •     Support for repositories of errors and models gathered by MySQL database

You can see a  demo presentation of MANEA.

For further information, please visit the MANEA web page.


Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP ) is the leading Polish research and implementation center involved in the problems of mobile and industrial robotics. Using Enterprise Architect the PIAP and MODESTO teams successfully modeled and managed the requirements, architecture, as well as the interfaces in the Proteus System - a mobile solution integrating various technical measures in order to provide awareness of the situation.

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