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MBSE (Model-Based Systems Engineering) is now familiar to many organizations and companies. When we use Enterprise Architect for MBSE, usually we use SysML for modelling language. There are 9 diagrams in SysML and there are many methodologies about MBSE, so there are lots of methods to use Enterprise Architect for MBSE.

But usually, any method requires lots of diagrams and lots of elements. It must take much time to create a MBSE model. You may hesitate to adopt MBSE since you have not understood its value and effect yet.
I introduce very simple MBSE method ‘Minimum MBSE’ to do MBSE with Enterprise Architect and SysML. This is very simple method by cutting off many usually-important information, so this method is suitable for trial. If you understand value and effect of MBSE, Enterprise Architect and SysML, you should choose another method and try for full-scale MBSE method.

The Minimum MBSE is best for the following situations.

  • You already have enough knowledge about the target system and/or domain.
  • It is better that the target system already exists and you need to enhance or modify the system.
  • The system size is not so large. Only 1 or couple of engineers will create model.

So, the Minimum MBSE is NOT suitable for the following situations.

  • You do not have enough knowledge about the target system and/or domain.
  • The target system is new.
  • The target system is large and/or complex.

The following figure shows artifacts and their relationships by this method.


 You can download the whole article PDF from here.

In this artricle, we use our Traceability Suite Add-In for checking traceablity in model. For detail about the Add-In, visit here

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