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Show or hide Ports, Activity Parameters or Action Pins

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You have a diagram, and you want to show or hide:

  • Port, Activity Parameter, Action Pin
  • Label of Port, Activity Parameter or Action Pin
  • Type of Port

Select the nodes where you want to show or hide, click on the appropriate hoTools Button and hoTools will do the rest.



Ports are powerful means to define a structure with specified points of interactions (Ports). The Port type is the specification of the interaction point. It also works for:

  • UML Port
  • SysML Block, Part, Port
  • Activity Parameter (no type hide/show supported)
  • Action Pin (no type hide/show supported)


  • Nothing on the diagram to run on the whole diagram
  • Nodes you want to perform the show/hide operation


  • SP Show Port, Parameter, Action Pin
  • HP Hide Port, Parameter, Action Pin
  • SPL Show Port, Parameter, Action Pin Label
  • HPL Hide Port, Parameter, Action Pin Label
  • SPT Show Port Type
  • HPT Hide Port Type

Advanced Features

  • Move selected ports
  • Explore the WiKi for mode information.






The easiest way is to go to GitHub, and load the current release of hoTools. At GitHub you can also find a WiKi.

The procedure:

  • You need local administration rights to install an EA Addin
  • Load hoTools2.1.1.msi from Github or the attachment
  • Deinstall an older release of hoTools
  • Run  hoTools2.1.1.msi



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Helmut Ortmann

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Well, of course that’s not all and you have therefore good reasons to contact me. See you….
See my hoTools WiKi at GitHub.
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