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Add-In install without admin privileges

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Do you want to install your EA Add-Ins without admin privileges? This article shows you how to make a WIX installer which supports a non-admin installation of your EA Add-In. If you already have a WIX installer, you see how to make just a few changes to install your EA-Addin without admin rights.

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All here described you can see in the Open Source hoTools (see GITHUB) projects:



With WIX Toolset for creating your *.msi installer file you can make:

  • Simple non-admin installer, per user installation
    • Modify your WIX installation with just a few modifications
    • No admin privileges required
    • No dialogue, just click and eberything runs almost invisible
  • GUI for per-user (no admin required) or per-machine installation
    • Make your WIX Installation with GUI where you can choose
      • per-user (no admin required)
      • per-machine


A per-user installation doesn't need any admin privileges. If you want to install your EA Add-In as per-machine installation this is only possible with local admin privileges.

The Microsoft Installer , Single Package Authoring, can install per-user without admin privileges. No admin install needs some precautions:

  • Install in 'LocalAppDataFolder'
  • Register Add-In in 'HKMU'
  • Register the DLLs in 'HKCR'
  • Say the installer you want per-user with limited privileges
    • InstallScope='perUser'
    • InstallPrivileges='limited'

Make it easy:

Here you find a lot of explanations. Usually you:

The whole Article 'Add-In without Admin privileges'. There you find:

  • Details
  • Backgroundinformations
  • Examples
  • Tips
  • A lot of links

I appreciate your feedback, your improvements and your experiences. With pleasure I integrate your suggestions.

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