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Friday, 27 July 2018 06:42

Model Conveter from ChangeVision Astah

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EAImport is a converter from ChangeVision's astah (formerly JUDE) to Enterprise Architect.

System Requirements

  • Astah community 6.9
  • Enterprise Architect 13.0 or later
  • Java Runtime Environment 7 (JRE 7/32 bit version)
    • If you installed astah 32bit version, it is already installed.
    • JRE 8 may work, but it is unconfirmed.
    • If it does not exist, download the 32-bit version for Windows from the Oracle website and install it.
      (64-bit Java cannot be used.)

The following "Working Directory" assumes "c:\work" in this manual.


How to Set up the Converter

1. Copy the following files to the Working Directory.

  • all files in the EAImporter.ZIP file
  • "SSJavaCOM.dll" and "eaapi.jar" in the "Java API" folder in the Enterprise Architect installation directory
  • "astah-api.jar" and "astah-community.jar" in the Astah installation directory
  • slf4j-api-1.6.6.jar in the "lib" directory under the Astah installation directory
  • astah's file to convert (.asta)
  • EAP file to import (.eap/.eapx) - You can use "EABase.eap" file in the Enterprise Architect installation directory.

2. Open the run.bat file with a text editor such as Notepad

  • You need to modify the line which starts with "set JAVA_HOME =". Please specify the directory where Java runtime is installed. 


How to Convert

1. Run the Command Prompt from the Windows start menu.
2. Navigate to your working directory.

  • Example: cd \work

3. Run the batch file

  • Example: run Sample.asta EABase.eap
  • You can ignore messages of "SLF 4J"



  • Depending on the size of the asta file to be converted, Out of memory error may be shown. If the message is shown, adjusting the value of STACK_SIZE and MAXIMUM_HEAP_SIZE may be improved.
  • If there are any issues you can not convert successfully, please contact me with asta file to reproduce issues.



  • Template information of Classes is not supported.
  • Ports which are owned by Parts are not supported.
  • Notes are automatically added in Use Case diagram if a Use Case in the diagram has Extension Points. Plese delete the Notes element.
  • Size of Use Case elements might not be maintained.
  • Call Behavior actions are converted as normal Action elements.
  • Levels of Execution Specification in Sequence diagrams are reset.
  • Some properties of fragments in Sequence diagram are not converted.
  • Deletion Mark (X) in Sequence diagrams is not supported.
  • Positions of messages in Communication diagram are not converted.
  • You need to enable SysML 1.3 if you need to convert SysML Requirements.
  • Style of Nesting connectors in SysML Requirement diagrams is not converted.
  • Some styles of connector are not supported.
  • Position of self-connectors and Labels (text) might not be maintained.
  • Order in the Project Browser is reset.
  • All non-UML elements are not supported.


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