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Import ReqIF Requirements, from tools like DOORS & co

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ReqIF is an international standard to exchange requirements between different tools. Eclipse also supports ReqIF with

With hoReverse you can import and roundtrip a bunch of requirements modules in EA. Just one click and hoReverse updates all your requirements:

  • A package is a requirement module
  • Nested Requirements for headings and requirements
  • Graphics
  • Embedded files like *.pdf
  • Arbitrary columns/ attributes


The ReqIF format is also reasonable to exchange information with test & validation.


ReqIF exchanges Modules which consists of Headings and Requirments. All is packed as *.reqifz (an XML zip file) to easily import and roundtrip all the Modules and Requirements with one file transfer. 


ReqIF and hoReverse support import but also roundtrip to exchange information like:

  • Enumeration: Init, Accepted, Rejected, InWork
  • Text: Comment


Update the import specification:

  • Name of import and export ReqIF file
  • ReqIF Module to EA Package associations
  • ReqIF columns to use for graphics, name, alias, etc
  • ReqIF columns to apply for a roundtrip
  • EA type and stereotype to create
    • e.g. Test



  • User: Receive the ReqIf file (myReqIf.reqifz or so)
  • User: Click on 'Import' of the import specification
  • EA: Imports all modules from ReqIF and creates the requirements or what else
  • EA: Move deleted requirements into the trash package 


  • User: Changes the agreed ReqIF Attributes in EA (Tagged Values)
  • User: Click on Export to export all to the specified export file (myExportReqIf.reqifz or so)
  • EA: Writes the ReqIF file with the updated roundtrip attributes

See all:

Feel free to participate or give advice.

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Helmut Ortmann

Helmut Ortmann

Freelancer (Consultant)
I'm a German freelancer in the area of Enterprise Architects and software/system engineering. A large part is embedded and Functional Safety with EA. But not only...
According to Albert Einsteins aphorism "Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler” I like to smoothen work with Addins and an easy to use EA Tool integration in a complex development environment. Another step in my opinium are lively workshops to get an enjoyable and long lasting launch of the daily EA work.
Well, of course that’s not all and you have therefore good reasons to contact me. See you….
See my hoTools WiKi at GitHub.

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  • Comment Link Anirudh Guruswami Friday, 13 October 2023 09:40 posted by Anirudh Guruswami

    Hi Helmut,

    Following were installed as stated in instructions
    Step:1 hoTools + horeverse which seen integrated in EA [OK]
    Step:2 But import scripting used as stated in the example given only error messages when Settings.json is reloaded.
    Following error messages appear: No 'Import Specification'ReqIF& co is configured
    & Can't import Chapter:'Importer' from Settings.json
    When I check withe the AppData\Roaming\ho\hoReverse\Settings.json is accessible & visible on the folder.
    Is there any way out here ? TIA

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