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Friday, 03 December 2010 09:16

Completeness check for packages to export

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This script conducts a completeness check for a selected package that you wish to export. A list of additional packages will be shown that contain diagrams and/or elements that are not owned by the selected package or sub-packages.

Have you asked yourself when exporting a package, does it contain all of the information necessary to be complete when exporting and then importing it into another model? Which additional packages do I have to export when exporting a selected package?

Diagrams can show elements which are owned by packages other than the selected package. When exporting a given package, the possibility exists that it does not show all of the elements and/or element relationships.

This script helps you to determine which packages also have to be exported. For a selected package, it checks for all packages, elements, and diagrams and determines if it contains a reference to elements which are owned by packages which lie outside the selected package for export.

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Patrick Devick

Info Support (Consultant)
Software Consultant specializing in business and systems analysis with previous development experience in IT. I am currently working for Info Support as a Requirements Manager, SCRUM Coach and Information Analyst. I have expertise with SCRUM, Requirements, OOAD, UML, BPMN and Archimate.

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