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Thursday, 30 December 2010 11:03

Change and/or Test external File and Web References

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Referencing to external web resources and/or files is a nice feature. It enables to retrieve external information within the context of the model in EA without leaving EA or navigating through directories etc.

But when a transition from project to production happens there is a possibility that all referenced files and/or web resources also have to be moved. There is no option to do a search and replace in EA on all external references to change the references. This script will help to perform the job.

The script offers a couple of features

  • Change the paths of external references to files
  • Change the paths of external references to websites
  • Change the hyperlinks on diagrams referencing to a file or web resource
  • Test if the current reference and the new reference exists
  • Enable to perform a test run without changing the references. This way only existence can be tested

To steps to use the script are

Extract the zip file
Import the text file in to a script in EA
Change the options within the script which are listed in the upper part of the script
Select an element or a package in the model
Execute the script
The script will check and/or change the references recursively for the selected element/package

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Patrick Devick

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Software Consultant specializing in business and systems analysis with previous development experience in IT. I am currently working for Info Support as a Requirements Manager, SCRUM Coach and Information Analyst. I have expertise with SCRUM, Requirements, OOAD, UML, BPMN and Archimate.

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