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Monday, 02 April 2012 09:59

List all Sequence and Collaboration Messages for Elements within a Package branch

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List all incoming Sequence and Collaboration messages for elements of a given package branch and give an indicator whether the message relates to a realized Element-Operation or whether it has been entered manually.


Create new JScript "ListMessages" in a "Project Browser Group" scripting group and copy the script content from the attached file.


  • right-click on a package or element in the element browser and call the script
  • the analysis is done on all elements in the current package hierarchy
  • a double click on a result row opens the properties of the connection so that corrections can be done.

Example usage

after executing the search, grouping by element & filtering only not-implemented messages shows the missing Operations that need to be either corrected or implemented by the element.


Query only implementd for JET & SQLSVR 


  • 2012-04-02     1.0
    • 1st release
  • 2012-04-03     1.1
    • added better display of boolean results for JET
    • reformatted DB conditionals
    • extracted query name as variable for easy adjustment
    • added check for Sequence messages whether an Association for this connection exists (always 'True' for Collaboration as the are attached to an Association).
      "AssocExists": Boolean result display similar to "IsImplemented"


Example Screenshot of Script Results v1.1

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Chris Drexler

Siemens AG, Healthcare (Solutions Architect)

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