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Thursday, 26 September 2013 18:30

Toolset to set linestyle, quick search, search / service on button / keyboard and a lot more

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A toolset to make every day life easier. The main functions are:

  • Set line style in diagram by just a click
  • Searches and services at Buttons / Keyboard keys
  • Navigate by click 
  • Change Author
  • Change *.xml file of a controlled package
  • Create / update Activity diagram for an operation
  • etc.


  • Quickly set line style to selected Diagram, Elements and/or Connector
    LV= Lateral Vertical
    LH= Lateral Horizontal
    TH= Tree Vertical
    etc., see tooltip
  • Quick search for class, attribute, operation
  • Navigate between structure and behavior
  • Specification (Open the links of file properties, source code, *.xml file)
  • Create Activities and Parameters for operations
  • Searches and services on buttons and keyboard keys
  • Sample Queries
  • Sample scripts at your finger tip
  • And a lot more to experience

    Have a look at the help and give it a try.













You get the newest release from:


  1. Run ho_tools_Setup_V1.035.msi (delete old release first)
  2. Copy ho_ToolsTechnology.xml to c:\Programme\Sparx Systems\EA\MDGTechnologies\
  3. With EA:
    Project,Import Reference Data, ... ho_Tools_Scripts.XML
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Helmut Ortmann

Helmut Ortmann

Freelancer (Consultant)
I'm a German freelancer in the area of Enterprise Architects and software/system engineering. A large part is embedded and Functional Safety with EA. But not only...
According to Albert Einsteins aphorism "Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler” I like to smoothen work with Addins and an easy to use EA Tool integration in a complex development environment. Another step in my opinium are lively workshops to get an enjoyable and long lasting launch of the daily EA work.
Well, of course that’s not all and you have therefore good reasons to contact me. See you….
See my hoTools WiKi at GitHub.

Website: www.hoModeler.de


  • Comment Link Rafael Sunday, 20 April 2014 22:57 posted by Rafael

    Hello Helmut,
    Very good job do you done! But I could not use it, I done your procedure (readme.txt), but when execute EA I get error in Extensions->Manage Add-Ins:

    Status: Error - The Windows Environment has stopped the addin from loading.

    Could you help me with this trouble?

    Thanks very much

    Hi Rafael,

    difficult to say something. It looks as if windows denied loading the Addin due to security issues.

    I would try:
    - Make sure you have local administration rights
    - Make sure there is no old Addin
    - Personally I run setup, run it again to remove Addin and run setup once more.

    In the next weeks I will publish a new release of this addin.

    Consider sending me an email (Helmut.Ortmann(at)t-onlie.de or use the forum.



  • Comment Link skiwi Monday, 07 April 2014 21:27 posted by skiwi

    Is it possible to use this add-in withou having administrator priviledges?

    I can't copy the xml file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\EA\MDGTechnologies (note windows 7 difference from readme.txt) nor run setup.msi

    Addin can't been installed without local adminstration right.

    *.xml Files you can install without any rights. Copy the *.xml file to a location you have rights. Then: Settings, MDG, Advanced. There you can define the location of the MDG technology file.

    Consider writing an E-Mail (Helmut.Ortmann(at)t-online.de or use the forum. There you will also find a way to contact me.



  • Comment Link mrwappy Wednesday, 04 December 2013 19:01 posted by mrwappy

    Had installed but not really used much until this week when working on a customer project - found it really useful - a must have when tidying up others diagrams. And saving so much time:-)


  • Comment Link Helmut Ortmann Wednesday, 02 October 2013 18:40 posted by Helmut Ortmann

    Hi Ian,
    thanks for your comment.
    I think I have done something wrong. I have no idea about it. On Friday I will check it with other PCs.

    Maybe you can be a little more specific. You have run the *.msi file and the error occurred? During install? During loading the addin by EA?

    Thanks for your help.

    We'll see us in Nuremberg.


  • Comment Link ianemitchell Wednesday, 02 October 2013 13:28 posted by ianemitchell

    Looks really useful. Except that I get the 'Error - Missing' error in the "Manage Add-ins" when I install it. I followed your instructions. Any ideas what i'm doing wrong ?

  • Comment Link ianemitchell Wednesday, 02 October 2013 13:28 posted by ianemitchell

    Looks really useful. Except that I get the 'Error - Missing' error in the "Manage Add-ins" when I install it. I followed your instructions. Any ideas what i'm doing wrong ?

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