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EAWI::Enterprise Architect Word Importer an introduction.

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As practicing Enterprise Architect consultants, we have the opportunity to interact with various corporates for training, consulting and providing Enterprise Architect demonstrations. We encounter the following standard queries:


We have lots of Requirements and Use Cases in Microsoft Word ™ documents. Can we import them into Enterprise Architect “?

“Can our Business Analysts continue to work in Microsoft Word™ which they are familiar with and then have the artifacts imported into EA?

These queries highlighted the need for a standard Word importer that helps the Enterprise Architect users to

Import the existing Requirements and Use Case Models in Microsoft Word ™ format into Enterprise Architect as elements.

Enable the Business Analysts to work with the Microsoft Word Documents™ and still leverage the power of Enterprise Architect for Traceability, Impact analysis, Version control and much more……

EAWI (Enterprise Architect Word Importer) is here to address the above challenges.

*EA Word Importer lets you import your requirements, Use Cases and other information from your Word documents into Enterprise Architect as model elements.*

      What do we solve?


How does it work?


Check out the listing on the Sparx Systems website:

or Visit:


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Mohamed Bakkrudeen

Mohamed Bakkrudeen is part of the Sparx Systems India Delivery Team. He has got more than 15 years of global experience working across various technologies and domains. He has worked directly or delivered project for global organizations such as Oracle,EDS,CSC,CTS,Xerox ,Citi Bank and NHS UK. He has been part of the product development team for one of the world’s largest civilian Healthcare IT project. He is proficient with various test automation and test management tools.He has hands on experience in Enterprise Architect tool, currently enabling the organizations in India to leverage the capabilities of Enterprise Architect.

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