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hoTools: SQL with Tabbed Editing, Macros, Templates,

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Build your EA SQL Query with a tabbed editor. Load and Save it to your file system. Use elaborate Macros to access EA features like #CurrentItemID#, DiagramSelectedElements_IDS#, .. Everything tuned to make it easy and to concentrate at the job of hand. Even Conveyed Items on a connector are easy to handle.

Just right click in the Editor and 'Insert Macro, Template, Recent File,..'.

You want to use your beloved Editor. Just do it. The SQL are saved to file and hoTools recognizes changes made outside.



  • Tab editing
  • Macros, Insert Macro from a list
    • #Branch#, #Package#,#DiagramElements_IDS#, #DiagramSelectedElements_IDS#, #CurrentItemID#,#CurrentItemGUID#
    • #ConnectorID#, #ConveyedItemsIDS#, 
    • Comments // my lovely Comment
    • DB specific section easy without remembering the syntax
  • Templates, Insert Template from a list
  • Wild Card support without doind anything as to write your beloved '*' or so. It will be converted according to current DB
    • Just use *,?, %,_,^or ! (hoTools translate sit to your database)
  • Recent File
  • Undo/Redo
  • Keys
    • CTRL+L Load from File
    • CTRL+R Run SQL
    • CTRL+S Store
    • CRRL+SHIFT+S Store all
  • Help (just a click from you)
    • Tooltips
    • Get Error of SQL
    • Get SQL as sent to EA 
  • Configurable
  • A lot more to find out


Main Window


If you have a <Search Term> enter it and run (Click on Button or CTRL+R). Remember: Unde Menu Help you find:

  • SQL Error with one click
  • SQL sent to EA with one click

The results are schown in EA Model Search Window.


Load Tab from recent files


Insert Macro

Insert Template

Insert Macro



  • run hoTools2.02.msi (attachment or GitHub)
  • .NET 4.5 or greate
  • Enterprise Architect 9.0 or greater
  • Local administration rights


Thanks to Geert Bellekens who gave me lot of ideas and code from his great NAVIGATOR!

Your advice is appreciated!


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Helmut Ortmann

Helmut Ortmann

Freelancer (Consultant)
I'm a German freelancer in the area of Enterprise Architects and software/system engineering. A large part is embedded and Functional Safety with EA. But not only...
According to Albert Einsteins aphorism "Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler” I like to smoothen work with Addins and an easy to use EA Tool integration in a complex development environment. Another step in my opinium are lively workshops to get an enjoyable and long lasting launch of the daily EA work.
Well, of course that’s not all and you have therefore good reasons to contact me. See you….
See my hoTools WiKi at GitHub.
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