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Juanjo Ramírez Amenedo

Agencia del Conocimiento y la Tecnología (Business Analyst)

Business Analyst in the local government of La Rioja (Spain) *** Business Areas: Agricultural & Cattle Farming systems (aids, traceability, controls & inspections) *** UML & Unified Process Manager (with Enterprise Architect ... of course)

Using shortcuts for any software tool can save a lot of time; but shortcuts are quite difficult to remember.  So, my aim was to design a card that helped me remember commonly used shortcut keys in Enterprise Architect.

The image below shows how the card sits on top of the keyboard and aligns with Function keys, providing a quick reference to Enterprise Architect Shortcut Keys. 

I really think it´s a usefull thing, so I´ve decided share it with all of you. It´s available in the attached PDF file.

Simply cut out the template and fold along the dotted line.

I hope you enjoy it...


Fitting the printable card on the top of my keyboard