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Laurence White

Senior Process Engineer
Irish born. Dual US and Irish citizenship. Experience from development through business analysis, systems design, project management and logical architecture. Outside work, studying for a bachelors degree in Physics, with particular interest in Quantum Information Theory.
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 08:25

Linking the Domain and Requirements Models

The advent of structured repositories such as Sparx Enterprise Architect, along with well-defined meta languages such as BPMN and UML, opens up new possibilities in the use of domain and requirements models; by linking these models we can begin to ask questions that were previously unanswerable in a rigorous, repeatable fashion.

This paper details an approach for creating automated measures of the scale and complexity of an enhancement, based on artifacts stored in Enterprise Architect (EA) from Sparx Systems. These scale and complexity measures can then be translated into level-of-effort estimates.