Eero Hosiaisluoma

Eero Hosiaisluoma

Modelling enthusiast (ArchiMate, UML, BPMN), specialized on modelling tools (e.g. Sparx EA), interested in Enterprise Architecture development, frameworks (e.g. Togaf, IT4IT, SAFe) and methods (such as Lean, Scrum etc.). 


Monday, 29 July 2019 11:39

Lean Enterprise Architecture Framework

See this "Lean Enterprise Architecture Framework (LEAF)" that is created with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and published as html - for providing inspiration to ArchiMate-, BPMN- and UML-modellers.

  • This framework can be used for to support enterprise development from "ideas to production". This framework is aligned with other frameworks and methods such as SAFe and DevOps, and can be used for linking high-level ArchiMate diagrams to BPMN- and UML-diagrams. So this frameworks links "enterprise architecture" to "solution architecture". 

More information about "Lean way of doing enterprise architecture" here:

More patterns & examples using ArchiMate here:

-- Eero Hosiaisluoma 


The landing page (level-1) of the LEAF-framework shown here:

Lean EA Framework LEAF

The 2.nd layer (level-2), which contains the conventional enterprise architecture content in layered structure (according to ArchiMate) shown below:

Domain 0


Some example diagrams shown here..

The value delivery chain, that can be opened from the page (figure below).

Value Delivery Chain

The value chain (figure above), represents the business model. That can be modelled more detailed, to provide the operating model, as a process as shown below:

Idea to Production Value Stream Process

This ArchiMate process (figure above) illustrates how the organization's development operating model can be organized, for supporting Lean & agile way to design, develop and operate services. This diagram is layered as follows: business actors are shown on the top, then the processes, and information concepts on the bottom. For example, the development phase contains several "development paths", that are modelled with process elements. More detaiuled description can be found from the links mentioned above.

The simplified ArchiMate meta-model for utilizing ArchiMate 3.x elements (figure below).


ArchiMate Core Meta model

For more examples, browse the Sparx EA html report (see the link above).