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Tuesday, 29 January 2019 03:55

Tidy Diagrams using Neaten and Auto Route

In Enterprise Architect Version 14, Sparx Systems added functionality to simplify the process of creating neat and tidy diagrams. This tutorial highlights the "Neaten" and "Auto Route" functions, which are a handy means of tidying diagrams.


The Neaten function brings elements together based on proximity and optimized alignment. Try it out on your next diagram via Layout > Tools > Diagram Layout > Neaten.

 C Model No Attributes MessyC Model No Attributes Neat

 Before and after Neaten


The Auto Route function tidies the connectors on a diagram, automatically neatening up lines and re-routing them to avoid overlap, where feasible. See, Layout > Tools > Diagram Layout > Auto Route.


Before and after Auto Route


To learn more about diagram layout tools in Enterprise Architect, take a look at the Building Models in Enterprise Architect Guidebook, which covers more functions like Neaten and Auto Route.

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