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A toolset to make every day life easier. The main functions are:

  • Set line style in diagram by just a click
  • Searches and services at Buttons / Keyboard keys
  • Navigate by click 
  • Change Author
  • Change *.xml file of a controlled package
  • Create / update Activity diagram for an operation
  • etc.


  • Quickly set line style to selected Diagram, Elements and/or Connector
    LV= Lateral Vertical
    LH= Lateral Horizontal
    TH= Tree Vertical
    etc., see tooltip
  • Quick search for class, attribute, operation
  • Navigate between structure and behavior
  • Specification (Open the links of file properties, source code, *.xml file)
  • Create Activities and Parameters for operations
  • Searches and services on buttons and keyboard keys
  • Sample Queries
  • Sample scripts at your finger tip
  • And a lot more to experience

    Have a look at the help and give it a try.













You get the newest release from:


  1. Run ho_tools_Setup_V1.035.msi (delete old release first)
  2. Copy ho_ToolsTechnology.xml to c:\Programme\Sparx Systems\EA\MDGTechnologies\
  3. With EA:
    Project,Import Reference Data, ... ho_Tools_Scripts.XML
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