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Updated 9th June, 2016: Covering all new features available in Enterprise Architect 12.1

Enterprise Architect integrates Requirements Management with other software development disciplines, by creating requirements directly in the model. Requirements Management is built into the core product, solving many of the issues of traceability, interdisciplinary team divisions, integration with change and configuration management systems.  Read the following whitepaper for more information:

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July Webinar Announced by Sparx Systems, register Today:


Business requirements are often stored as text documents, resulting in poor traceability, lost requirements and flawed software design. The Specification Manager in Enterprise Architect 11 can help address issues of traceability while providing the convenience of a simple in-place text editor. Create, edit and review elements as text representations of objects in the model, using a process that is well understood and familiar to business analysts and management professionals alike.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Create and edit model elements with ease, using Indicator Icons to examine important relationships, linked documents and object properties.
  • Create a review document and leverage element discussions to improve the quality of your software specification.
  • Leverage tools for traceability, change management, documentation and team collaboration from a single view.
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Tuesday, 06 May 2014 12:06

Exploring EA 11 Specification Manager


Specification Manager introduced in Enterprise Architect 11, provides a simple document view for editing and maintaining model elements in Enterprise Architect. Specification Manager's Word Processor like interface makes it easier for the key stake holders and business users to contribute and maintain the model elements.

This document intends to peek into the features of Specification Manager and how its combination with other Enterprise Architect's features and plugins makes Enterprise Architect a powerful Application Life Cycle Modeling tool, especially in the area of Requirements and Use Case management.

The disruptive innovations like Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud are forcing the organizations to change their rigid operations and process to sustain their business. Organizations are looking to embrace the Automated Application Lifecycle Management tools to minimize the risks caused by these innovations.

However most of the organizations existing artifacts are stored in the Word processors and they face the below challenges while embracing the tools.

Top reasons that deter any organization/end user from embracing an ALM/Modeling/Requirements Management tools are 

  1. Challenge of Migrating the existing documents in the Word Processors to the Tools
  2. Users reluctance to move away from the word processor environment which they are comfortable with
  3. Learning Curve for the end users to familiarize themselves with the tools.

 It is imperative that any ALM / Modeling / Requirement Management tools should have the following features to be more successful 

  1. Ability to import the artefacts from the existing word processors
  2. Ability to export the EA elements back in the form Word processors/html for wider circulation
  3. Provide an Interface similar to the word processors for ease of use 

The below table list the key features Sparx Enterprise Architect that helps organizations to address the above challenges

Interface Similar to Word Processors

Import Artefacts from word processors

Export Elements back to Word Processors

Specification Manager

CSV import feature

XMI import

EA word importer (free plug –in)

Document Generator

HTML Report

XMI export

 Key Features of Specification Manager

 Word Processor like Interface

View and Edit Requirements or other element types in a view that looks like a document

The interface enables the

  • Users to modify the elements properties and Metadata.
  • The Notes and the Requirement Names can be modified like a word processor.

Create New Elements using the interface



Windows Explorer like UI for browsing the Model Elements

Filter Elements in the package as per your convenience


Search for Elements that need to edited or reviewed

View the associated Details of the elements

  • Linked documents
  • Discussions

· Relationships to other elements

  • Resource allocations
  • Maintenance items
  • Files
  • Test
  • Risks

Each indicator icon can be double-clicked to take you to that information 

Comprehensive Review Features


Create Review Document and View Associated Review Documents


Integrated with Team Review



Initiate Element Discussions for reviewing in a collaborated environment


Manage Traceability and Relationship Matrix


  • See exactly which Relationship Matrix profiles exist for that package and open them
  • Create new Relationship Matrix profiles for the elements you are viewing quickly and easily
  • See the available Relationship Matrix profiles for visible packages



Version Control and Documentation

Manage Package Baseline


View Audit Trial

Generate Docx, PDF and RTF Documents

Print Documents

Publish HTML Report

With the introduction of Specification Manager , Enterprise Architect will satisfy the needs of the Business User who is looking for a familiar word processor like interface and the Corporates need for a dynamic Application Management Tool which with live traceability which can be used in a distributed environment.


EA Word Importer is a free plugin that lets you import your requirements, Use Cases and other information from your Word documents into Enterprise Architect as model elements.

Visit the previous Community Blog or visit www.eawordimporter.com for details.

Power of Enterprise Architect combined with Specification Manager and EA Word Importer

The below diagram depicts a typical life cycle of Requirements and Use cases flow using Enterprise Architect where Requirements and Use cases are already created in Word Processors.


With the introduction of Specification Manager and EAWordImporter , Enterprise Architect offers the power of comprehensive Requirements Management tool at a very competitive price.

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Thursday, 03 April 2014 22:12

Introducing Enterprise Architect 11

Sparx Systems invites you to the webinar,

Introducing Enterprise Architect 11


Enterprise Architect 11 will be a ground breaking, major release of Sparx Systems' award-winning modeling platform. With so many exciting enhancements in version 11, we want you to see why this release makes your modeling more productive than ever!


Join Tom O'Reilly and Ben Constable from Sparx Systems as they preview the release highlights:

  • New tools that help business analysts work faster.
  • Enhanced analysis and design tools for software and systems engineers.
  • Cloud-based model deployment, superior diagramming, new and updated profiles and more.


Two live sessions will be conducted to accommodate attendees in different time zones on the 15th and 16th of April.

We invite you to register now:

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