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Sparx Systems specializes in high performance and scalable visual modeling tools for the planning, design and construction of software intensive systems. A Contributing Member of the Object Management Group (OMG), Sparx Systems is committed to realizing the potential of model-driven development based on open standards. The company’s flagship product, Enterprise Architect, has received numerous accolades since its commercial release in August, 2000. Enterprise Architect is the design tool of choice for over 740,000 registered users worldwide.

2019 Sparx Systems Award at Federation University


Federation University, School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology holds an annual student awards ceremony, in which industry partners play a crucial role in supporting and encouraging our students to achieve greatness in their desired field.

Scott Hebbard, Sparx Systems Communications Manager recently had the pleasure of presenting the Sparx Systems award at a Federation University Student awards ceremony. The Sparx Systems Award in 2019 was presented to Drew McMahon.

Drew regularly used Enterprise Architect throughout his degree and he indicated “As a programmer and designer, I find the tool comprehensive and invaluable, and I'm thrilled to have continued access with my own licence. I'm grateful that Sparx Systems would support Federation University and the School of Science, Engineering, and Information Technology.”

Sparx Systems would like to congratulate Drew on his hard work and dedication to his studies.


Information about the Award recipient:


Drew has achieved excellent results throughout his degree and his dedication, perseverance and commitment to excellence were an inspiration to us all.

He has the top grade point average of 7 and an average final result of 94.24% across all his courses. He is easy to work with and shows maturity in his organisational skills and attention to understanding the latest technology.

Drew has embraced opportunities to extend his knowledge beyond his degree studies, for example attending an intensive bootcamp training course in Salesforce development during the lecture break in 2018.

This was undertaken during Drew’s final semester of study when he was very busy with finalising his internship with IBM and completing his final year project.

Drew is a very worthy recipient of this award and an exemplar of an upcoming IT professional.

Monday, 06 May 2019 06:48

June Training Week

Sparx Systems is pleased to announce a new Sparx Systems University Week scheduled June 3rd-7th.

During Sparx Systems University week, a range of both free and paid training sessions are hosted at training locations around the world and online.  All sessions are supported by Sparx Service providers and qualified trainers in a number of different languages.

This week-long event is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and improve skills around Enterprise Architect. June's course line-up covers a broad range of topics, and has been developed with both introductory and advanced users in mind.


Provider Date Timezone Course Title Location Language
SparxSystems Central Europe 4th June CET Delivering an Agile Enterprise with Enterprise Architect (FREE) Online Deutsch
SparxSystems Central Europe 4th June CET IEEE 1471-2000 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Architectural Description for Software-Intensive Systems with Enterprise Architect
Online English
SparxSystems Central Europe 5th June CET Cyber Security Modeling for the Automotive Industry with Enterprise Architect Online English
SparxSystems Central Europe 5th June
CET Telcos, TM Forum Frameworx by Transware, and Cyber Security Modeling with Enterprise Architect (FREE) Online English
Sparx Services UK 3rd June
GMT Enterprise Architect Fundamentals

Livingston, Scotland English
Sparx Services UK 3rd June
GMT Enterprise Architect Profiles Workshop

Livingston, Scotland English
Sparx Services UK 4th June
GMT Enterprise Architect and BPMN

Livingston, Scotland English
Sparx Services UK 4th June
GMT Enterprise Architect Excel Scripting Workshop Livingston, Scotland English
Sparx Services UK 5th June
GMT Enterprise Architect and ArchiMate Business

Livingston, Scotland English
Sparx Services UK 5th June
GMT Enterprise Architect Documentation Workshop

Livingston, Scotland English
Sparx Services UK 6th June

Scottish Gathering of Enterprise Architect Users (EA User Group Meeting)

Attend a Sparx Systems University course and gain FREE entry

Livingston, Scotland English
Sparx Systems Japan 21st June
JST Methodology and Process with modeling tool (FREE)

Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Near Shinbashi Station Japanese
Sparx Services North America 5th June CDT Business Process Modeling with Sparx Enterprise Architect

Online English
Sparx Services North America 6th June CDT Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Fundamentals for Solution Developers

Online English
Sparx Services North America 7th June CDT Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Fundamentals for Business Analysts

Online English
Sparx Systems  India
 IST UML training using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
Online English
Sparx Systems  India    IST Business Analysis using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Online English
Tuesday, 02 April 2019 04:51

Show the Enterprise Architect Toolbox

The Toolbox is an often-essential part of the Enterprise Architect interface. There are several ways to bring up the Toolbox in Enterprise Architect. This tutorial will cover all 4 of them.

1. Via the Ribbon


Ribbon > Design > Diagram > Toolbox.


2. Using Shortcut Keys

Pressing Alt+5 displays the Diagram Toolbox.


3. Pressing the Space Bar

Brings up the Diagram Toolbox in-place via a context sensitive menu.




4. Switching between Docked Dialogues

If you like to dock the Toolbox and Project Explorer together in the same spot, the guillemets arrow can allow you to swap back and forth between the two.



P.S. A quick note about Perspectives...

Perspectives in Enterprise Architect are used to tailor toolsets for domain-specific modeling scenarios. So essentially, you can apply a Perspective to display functions/tools appropriate to the task you're performing and hide all the rest.

Sometimes people can't find the tool they're looking for because they have a perspective set and aren't aware. If you ever find yourself in this position, check the perspectives display down the bottom right of the program.



Then either select the new relevant perspectives required or set the perspective back to default by Perspective > Activate All.




Happy Modeling!

Tuesday, 26 March 2019 21:38

Delivering an Agile Enterprise

Digital transformation, new business models and the rapid pace of change have had a profound impact on the modern enterprise. Agile approaches can lead to faster feedback cycles, improved stakeholder engagement, reduced waste, improved transparency, predictable delivery and better business outcomes.

The Sparx Systems tool suite supports enterprise agility through better collaboration, strategic management, capability modeling, Kanban diagrams, user stories, integrated communication tools, project management features, traceability and much more.

Presented by Chris Armstrong and Scott Hebbard.

Register Today at:


PresenterFirstName PresenterSurnameScott Hebbard

Thursday, 07 March 2019 04:23

ComponentSource Awards 2019

ComponentSourceThe 2019 ComponentSource Best Selling Awards have been announced for the year, and we are very pleased to report Sparx Systems has been named in the Top 25 Vendors. In a further nod from the company, Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition made it to the Top 100 Products category.


According to a press release from the company, the awards are calculated using sales in USD $, which are then ranked to form a list and "represent a real world view of the products that are in demand and currently being bought by our global customers".


The ranking product Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition is the most powerful edition of Enterprise Architect - enabling everything in Enterprise Architect and all MDG Extensions.



Tuesday, 26 February 2019 05:34

Sending Links to Artifacts in a Model Mail

At Sparx Systems, our staff regularly use Enterprise Architect's inbuilt "Model Mail" throughout the day, sending messages regarding tasks and work items. The Business and Development staff alike use Model Mail to collaborate, and it has always been handy to link to what we're working on.

Functionality added in version 13.5 made it even simpler to link to model Artifacts. While modeling in context, users can simply right click on the Artifact in question, be it an Element, Package or Diagram Package, and select Collaborate -> Send Message to bring up a new Model Mail dialogue that includes a link to the Artifact embedded in the message body.


Context Menu -> Collaborate -> Send Message



A link to the Artifact and relevant Diagram is then visible in the message body.



It's that simple, and it can simplify your correspondence considerably.



Setting Up the Pro Cloud Server for Enterprise Architect


A step-by-step guide to installing and configuring the Pro Cloud Server. Easily deploy a web and mobile enabled collaboration platform for Enterprise Architect, connecting team members and clients with a live, web-based view of your model – all within your own cloud environment. 


Learn more and register Today!


Thursday, 14 February 2019 05:30

Best of the Community Site 2018

We are very pleased to publish this compilation of the most popular resources submitted in 2018

Best of 2018


Since its launch, the Sparx Systems community site has been a central repository for knowledge and resources around Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Over the past year, contributors showcased numerous skills and shared time-saving expertise, which we have now put together a compilation of the most popular posts submitted to the Sparx Systems Community site in 2018.

These generous contributions help propel the community and modeling industry forward.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the community site this past year.

Sparx Systems Community Site Team

Tuesday, 29 January 2019 03:55

Tidy Diagrams using Neaten and Auto Route

In Enterprise Architect Version 14, Sparx Systems added functionality to simplify the process of creating neat and tidy diagrams. This tutorial highlights the "Neaten" and "Auto Route" functions, which are a handy means of tidying diagrams.


The Neaten function brings elements together based on proximity and optimized alignment. Try it out on your next diagram via Layout > Tools > Diagram Layout > Neaten.

 C Model No Attributes MessyC Model No Attributes Neat

 Before and after Neaten


The Auto Route function tidies the connectors on a diagram, automatically neatening up lines and re-routing them to avoid overlap, where feasible. See, Layout > Tools > Diagram Layout > Auto Route.


Before and after Auto Route


To learn more about diagram layout tools in Enterprise Architect, take a look at the Building Models in Enterprise Architect Guidebook, which covers more functions like Neaten and Auto Route.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

- Helen Keller


Is the digital transformation process a technology, business, customer engagement, digital service or cultural change issue? It is all of the above, and then some. Each function has its own level of importance and naturally, each will become the focus of their process owners. But the risk of this myopia is that process transformation efforts will become siloed, reducing their value for others and will limit the potential for a successful digital transformation, of the whole organization.


Like a digital map, the key functions of an organization are like feature overlays, which when looked at holistically, can provide insights into the aspects within the overall organizational structure, that complement and compete. Similarly, identifying interdependencies between the key processes is to recognize that many of them, will have to be transformed in parallel.


To meet such a collaborative challenge, be it by a business, an industry, a community - or the world, - requires an inclusive approach. Working inclusively requires that everyone has digital access and that the supporting technology platform can meet and grow with the changing needs of every stakeholder, while encouraging knowledge sharing and supporting the capture of community best practice.


In 2015 a great and noble challenge was issued by the United Nations General Assembly. These are the Sustainable Development Goals - a collection of 17 global goals - to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people, enjoy peace and prosperity.


The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) System Transformation report released in 2016 found that digital technologies will be fundamental for the achievement of all 17 SDGs, and over 50% of the 169 related targets. The GeSI has also shown “there is a clear, positive link between digital access and 11 of the 17 SDGs”.


Sparx Systems has joined the UN-GGIM Private Sector Network, to work with other member organizations and provide access to collaborative technology, in support of meeting these goals.


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