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Jackie Mitchell

Ability Engineering Ltd (Chief Executive Officer)

I have >25 years experience in high technology development in aerospace, health, telecoms and IT, as a project and programme manager, consultant and trainer. I have a track record of leading multi-disciplinary, international teams to efficiently deliver high quality projects on time and to budget.

I am enthusiastic about developing the use of Enterprise Architect, integrating structured analysis & design with best practice Project Management, sharing EA insights with key stakeholders and releasing project teams to do what they do best.
Monday, 10 March 2014 11:59

eaDocX v3.4 beta available

Additional document creation options from your Enterprise Architect model are now available with the release of the eaDocX v3.4 beta.

 This latest eaDocX release allows you to:

- construct documents and document sections based on your model views

- use instance classifiers just like any other relationship to provide new document structures

- work with EA scripts to deliver even more tailored document formatting options

- plus other customer requested enhancements

eaDocX v3.4 is compatible with EA v11.

Read more and download a free trial at www.eadocx.com

Join Us On April 23 and 24 2014

We are delighted to announce the second Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect North America conference.

With dedicated tracks for Business Analysts and Enterprise Architects, the 2 days will provide valuable content from speakers across industries and countries, plus networking opportunities, to help you deliver improved productivity from your use of Enterprise Architect. Book Now!

KPMG LLP, a key sponsor for this event, is hosting the conference at their Toronto headquarters office.

Click here for more information or to make a reservation.

Call for Speakers:

A few opportunities still remain for speakers to share their productivity and project stories. We'd love for you to join us, but note that the closing date for speaker submissions is February 28th, so don't delay.  Click here if you wish to be a speaker.

Call for Conference Partners:

We are also happy to invite Sparx Systems Global Partners to join us at this event. Click here if you wish to be a conference partner.

See you there!

On 5 February 2014, the next European EA User Group event will take place in Utrecht. This Enterprise Architect event is for professionals who work with this tool and want to share knowledge to use EA more effectively.

Are you interested in how you can use EA for your role or organization? How EA can be used in combination with other tools? What the important tips and tricks are from the use of EA?

We have lined up a range of speakers to appeal to many different disciplines who can use Enterprise Architect, such as project management, architecture, requirements management, development and testing.View the full agenda, including presentations in English and Dutch.

This event is taking place at the headquarters of NS, who are pleased to welcome the European EA User Group. Sign up at www.eausergroup.com and join us on 5 February in Utrecht.


Op 5 februari 2014 wordt het Europese EA User Group evenement georganiseerd in Utrecht. Dit Enterprise Architect event is voor alle professionals die werken met deze tool en kennis willen opdoen om EA nog effectiever in te kunnen zetten.

De sprekers op deze dag zullen  verschillende disciplines aanspreken die gebruik kunnen maken van Enterprise Architect, zoals projectmanagement, architectuur, requirements management, ontwikkeling en test.   

Ben je geïnteresseerd op welke manier je EA kan inzetten voor jou rol of organisatie? Hoe je EA kan gebruiken in combinatie met andere tools? Wat de belangrijke tips&tricks zijn van het gebruik van EA?

Meld je dan aan via www.eausergroup.com zodat we je op 5 februari in Utrecht op het Hoofdkantoor van NS kunnen verwelkomen op de Europese EA User Group. 

On October 8th, 2013
in Nuremberg, Germany,

you are invited to join the next

European EA User Group event.


This gives EA Users in Central Europe the best opportunity this year to learn, share and explore Enterprise Architect best practice.


The venue is the RInghotel Loeuw's Merkur in the heart of Nuremberg.

Building on the experience gained at our hugely successful London event in May, the day will include a range of speakers, workshops and exhibits.
Choose sessions from any of the 3 tracks of content:

  • Track 1 - Systems Engineering Focus (in German)
  • Track 2 - Business Analyst Focus (in German)
  • Track 3 - English stream (including presentations on TOGAF, MDGs, and User stories to inspire and encourage wider adoption of EA in your organisation)

With many speakers and topics unique to this event, and supported by Sparx Systems, this is an event not to be missed. 

The registration fee of just 97€ will provide you with access to practical EA knowledge and experience, lunch and refreshments!
Visit www.eausergroup.com to find out more and book your place.

PS. There are only 150 places available, and they are selling fast, so to make sure that you don't miss this great opportunity, BOOK NOW.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013 12:25

EA Document creation just got even better

We're pleased to announce the release of eaDocX v3.3, making it even easier to integrate your EA analyses directly into Word and Excel with no need for scripting.

New features include: 
- Support for Word and Excel 2013 
- Model Expert: a graphical tool to help you understand the structure of your EA model 
- Even better Quick documents to create a Word document of any package in your model in just 2 clicks 
- Phone home - to keep you up to date with latest releases 
- More configurable options for your documents 
- Define your own Word Table styles 
- and a whole load of other customer requests 

For more information and a free 30 day trial visit www.eadocx.com


This White Paper looks at ways to create project documents that improve project quality, provide readers with relevant, easily navigated information, and give new insights. Using EA and eaDocX, approaches are described that can bring our project communications into the 21st Century.

This White Paper looks at ways to transform our project documents, helping readers to find and use information that is relevant to them. 

In both Waterfall and Agile developments, excellent documents can improve project quality and give new insights. New document capabilities allow authors to create high quality, accurate and targeted documents, and allow readers to navigate their way through them in an intuitive way. 

By storing information in EA, and using eaDocX, approaches are described that can bring our project communications into the 21st Century.  Documents which:

- contain only content which is relevant to the reader

- provide a range of presentation styles 

- engage and hold the reader's attention

- guide the reader as to where they should concentrate their attention

- give the reader freedom to navigate the document’s contents as they wish

eaDocX - document excellence

This White Paper examines how using EA to model relationships delivers end-to-end traceability, and looks at how we can use those relationships to bring our documents to life.

One of the strengths of Enterprise Architect is that we can use it to capture the full range of project ideas.  Not just individual requirements and their priorities, but user stories and use cases, classes and components, test plans and test cases. And we can also capture how those ideas change over time, by keeping risks, issues and actions, which tell the story of the project, in EA as well. Connecting all these ideas together can deliver the traceability which our stakeholders need.

Using eaDocX it is simple to create documents that reveal these relationships and allow new insights.  In this way we can make the richness of our models available to all our stakeholders.


Monday, 14 January 2013 16:31

Get 2013 off to a flying start

New Year Offer: Free on-line support during your eaDocX trial

Hundreds of people in loads of organisations have already discovered how eaDocX makes integrating EA with Word and Excel simple.

So now we want to make it easy for you to see:

  • how eaDocX revolutionises document creation from Enterprise Architect
  • how simple it is to create documents containing exactly the content and formats you need, and 
  • how this can change the way you use EA.  


To make it really easy, for the next 4 weeks only we are offering free personal on-line support to help you make the most of your eaDocX free trial. Yes, we did say free!

Just sign up for a free 30-day trial of eaDocX, then book your one-to-one support on the website and we'll get your year off to a flying start.

Don't worry if you have taken a trial before; we're happy for you to give it another go.  Just contact the eaDocX team to find out how you can join in. 

Go to our website for more information.  We're looking forward to speaking to you soon!

eaDocX: document excellence

We are pleased to announce that the eaDocX website now includes a new set of videos, showing how to integrate your Enterprise Architect model with the usability of Microsoft Word and Excel.  This set of very short video guides illustrates just how easy and fast it is to create and maintain great quality communications, putting your EA knowledge at the heart of your business.

No need for rtf - just publish direct into Word. 
No need for csv - open your model direct in Excel.

The videos are:

  1. Quick document.  This shows how to create a Word document from a package using eaDocX Quick document. It then reviews the output, explaining some of the default features, including document sections, structure, diagrams, tables, and hyperlinks.
  2. Introduction to eaXL.  In this video we export data from a model package, edit it, including creating a number of new elements, and then update the model - showing the new elements in the EA project browser.  And all in just 62 seconds!
  3. Conditional formatting.  By highlighting missing or interesting content, your documents can be made much clearer.  This video shows how to create rules to automatically add colour or replace text in your Word documents.
  4. Templates and Profiles.  This video explains how profiles let you define exactly what EA model data will print, and then how Word templates automatically manage the appearance of your documents.
  5. Document Management.  Showing how to add version control, status and approvals to your documents, and how to store the documents in your EA model, this video describes how eaDocX makes document management easy.
  6. Producing a Glossary.  By reading your document and comparing it with your EA Glossary terms, this video shows how you can automatically produce a glossary for each of your documents, containing ONLY the terms in that document. 

Take a free 30 day trial and discover document excellence for yourself.

eaDocX: document excellence

Thursday, 22 November 2012 18:05

An eaDocX Christmas present

You will know that here at eaDocX we are always trying to find ways to integrate the knowledge you have stored in Enterprise Architect into the rest of your Microsoft-using environment.

The last significant release of eaDocX was version 3.2, which included the launch of Corporate edition. That delivered Excel integration and document versioning.

Since then we have been collecting customer requests and imagining ways to make eaDocX even better in version 3.3.  
We've got 15 suggestions. But we want to know what the Enterprise Architect community think should be our priorities.

So we produced the attached document (using eaDocX, of course) where all 15 of the possible development options are described. Please take a look, then vote in our poll for the item you want the most.

NB if what you want isn't on the list, then please go to the Forum - Suggestion Box and add your idea there.

The poll is only open until Christmas Eve, December 24th, so v3.3 will be a late Christmas present.  The release date will depend on whether you pick the hard or easy things for us to do first!

So, as they say in Chicago, "Vote early, and vote often".

Thanks for your participation.

The elves.

eaDocX: document excellence

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