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  • The Code Analyzer is a must-have tool when working with source code. It runs extremely complex queries on source code repositories at incredible speeds, when used locally or on a Sparx Intel cloud service.
  • The Code analyzer uses a high-level query language developed by Sparx systems. It also has a large vocabulary that allows code metrics to be queried quicker than traditional methods.
  • It is highly effective for large-scale code bases. This is because it allows the user to rigorously check any minor changes using a distinct cross-reference analysis of the code to verify that all effects are clearly visible.

Code Miner Framework

  • In Sparx Enterprise Architect 16, users can compile their code base into a Code Miner repository. Code Miner system provides instant and comprehensive access to existing source code information.
  • It enables complete access to all features of the original source code in a machine-readable manner. This is done by parsing all source code and storing the resulting “Abstract Syntax Tree” in a read-optimized database.
  • The main purpose of the Code miner is to give quick and effective access to data concealed within source code.
  • The interfaces have been designed to be as simple as possible while ensuring optimal performance.
  • As a result, the system can assess the program's structure, calculate metrics, track relationships, and even refactor the code.


                                                                                          Figure 1: Code Miner Framework

What’s New in Sparx Enterprise Architect 16?

Sparx Intel Service

  • The Sparx Intel service program enables development projects and customers to learn more about the code bases and software frameworks they're working with.
  • Multiple Enterprise Architect customers can use the service to access and (raise a query for the same data) query the same data from a variety of software domains and frameworks.
  • Clients of Enterprise Architect can use the service to have access to Intelli-sense in code editing and smart search results in search tools.
  • The Sparx Intel service is a division of Sparx Satellite Services. The service can be installed on a local network or in cloud, plus it runs on Microsoft Windows.
  • The Sparx Intel Satellite service can be executed as a standalone process or as a Windows service.

Sparx Intel Service

                                                                        Figure 2: Sparx Intel Service

Config File Format

Directive Description
Name When a service is named on the command line, the service with the matching name attribute will be commence.
Status The service will be start only when status = ON
Lazyload When lazyload is 'true', any Code Miner database will be delay loaded until an Intel request is made to the service.

Defines the level of information logged, as a combination of keywords { information, warning, error} separated by a '|'.  For example:

     loglevel= Information|warning|error

Specifies the full pathname of the log file to write to. For example:



Specifies the full path name of the Code Miner database to be loaded. For example:


Multiple 'database' directives are allowed, each specifying a different database.


Identifies the IP address that is permitted to connect to the service on the Port. For example:



     allow=172.160.*      (wildcards are allowed when the 'network'

                                      directive has a value of 'network' or 'public',

                                      but not 'local')


Allows service connections to be restricted.

  • local - the service can’t be heard on any connection other than localhost
  • network - when used with wildcard 'allow' directives, it allows clients on an allowed IP address wild card to connect
pubic - allows any connection
Show When 'true', the Console window for the service will be shown; the default is 'false'.
Port The Port on which the service will be heard


Further Information

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Click here to see a sneak peak of how Code Analyzer in EA16 works.

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