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  • Circa 2010: Estimate And Track Progress Of Enterprise Architect Projects

    Plan, estimate and track the progress of your Enterprise Architect projects using Circa. This release features vastly enhanced scheduling capabilities allowing users to indicate percentage progress on individual tasks. New colour-coding allows users to...

  • LieberLieber integrates Enterprise Architect with codeBeamer from INTLAND

    Recently we shipped an integration between Enterprise Architect from Sparxsystem s with codeBeamer from INTLAND . Now we have a short Video showing what it can do! Integrating Enterprise Architect with various ALM tools has become one of our core...

  • Live Stream Webinar: Enterprise Architect 13 Highlights Part 2

    YouTube Live Stream Webinar: Enterprise Architect 13 Highlights, Part 2 In our second installment of the Enterprise Architect 13 release series, we delve into some of the new productivity tools introduced in this major milestone release. In this LIVE...

  • TORMIGO - synchronization of the requirements between Enterprise Architect and Google Docs

    I am pleased to announce that on 1.10.2011 we released a new version of TORMIGO - Third Party Plug-ins for Enterprise Architect. We fixed a number of smaller bugs and we added GDocs module which allows for synchronization of the requirements saved in...

  • Creating model based Javascript add-in with Enterprise Architect 15

    One of the latest features of Sparx Enterprise Architect 15 is the model based add-ins which can be created using JavaScript. These model based add-ins are defined by a combination of Receptions , Attributes and Operations which can be easily added in...

  • Enterprise Architect User Group Canberra 2015: NIEM

    Enterprise Architect User Group Sparx Systems hosted the 2015 Canberra Enterprise Architect User Group in April 2015. The User Group included a number of presentations from partners located across Australia, Asia and the US. Chris Armstrong from the...

  • Enterprise Architect User Group goes to Paris & Brussels this September

    The next EA User Group events are scheduled for 17th September 2015 in Paris and 18th September in Brussels. For just €75, attend either of these events and get instant access to all the presentations from both! Our sponsors: EA User Group Paris VISEO...

  • Searching for REAL orphans in Enterprise Architect

    Enterprise Architect comes standard with an Find Orphans search, which is supposed to give you a list of all elements that are no longer used in the model, and thus better be removed from the model altogether. The problem with this search is that it...

  • Preparing Reports in Enterprise Architect - Online Course

    The online course is designed for all those who are interested in preparing reports directly from Enterprise Architect. The course consists of 10 video lessons. You will not find any theory in it. I also post the EAP files on which I have worked. All...

  • 4 Features in Enterprise Architect 15.1 that I can vouch for..

    It is not uncommon for Product releases to have a plethora of new features added., and as an Enterprise Architect user for the last 15 years, I was having just normal expectations when I peeked into the list of new features in the newly released...

  • European Enterprise Architect User Group Event

    European User Group Event Dunstan Thomas ALM, LieberLieber and eaDocX have joined forces to bring you the inaugural European User Group Event. This event aims to bring together users of Enterprise Architect from across the UK & Europe for an afternoon...

  • EAUG Canberra 2015: Overview of Enterprise Architect 12

    Enterprise Architect User Group Sparx Systems hosted the 2015 Canberra Enterprise Architect User Group in April 2015. The User Group included a number of presentations from partners located across Australia, Asia and the US. Scott Hebbard,...

  • Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community Site Changes

    The Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community Site has undergone significant changes to support a better workflow and user experience, including a new process for revising published articles, interface design and support for new file types including...

  • Running Enterprise Architect 8.0 on Mac and Linux with CrossOver

    In this short video you will learn how to install and run Enterprise Architect 8.0 on your Mac using CrossOver. Enterprise Architect 8.0 is also available for Linux. Be sure to visit our Enterprise Architect 8.0 community page for more details and a...

  • EA User Group, Wellington [Making Architecture Real: TOGAF Models in Enterprise Architect]

    This month, Brent Lewis and Suzanne Maxted will present a case study of making architecture real and available using Enterprise Architect and the TOGAF extension - ‘Making Architecture Real: TOGAF Models in Enterprise Architect‘. Suzanne and Brent will...

  • New Webinar: Creating Charts in Enterprise Architect to Aid Decision Making

    Creating Charts in Enterprise Architect to Aid Decision Making Date: September 2014 Mr Scott Hebbard , Communications Manager at Sparx Systems, will show how Charts in Enterprise Architect can help you manage projects, communicate strategy, identify...

  • Upcoming Public Training Dates Announced- Introduction to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

    Are you new to modeling or just new to using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect? This one day course is designed for new EA users to teach them the fundamentals on how Sparx Enterprise Architect works and what you can do with it. You will learn how to...

  • Enterprise Architect User Group Events - Scotland & Brussels

    Upcoming Community-based End User Events in Europe - September & October, 2017 Two European User Group events will be held during late September and early October. The Scottish Gathering of Enterprise Architect Users will be held again in Livingston,...

  • New EA workshops from Dunstan Thomas

    NEW: Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Workshops from Dunstan Thomas Consulting As an alternative to our traditional classroom style training Dunstan Thomas Consulting now offer a series of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect workshops. These workshops...

  • What's new with ArchiMate 3.0 & EA v.13?

    ArchiMate 3.0 by Phil Chudley, Principal Consultant at Dunstan Thomas Consulting The Open Group released the official specification of ArchiMate 3.0 in June 2016, and this new specification is supported in Enterprise Architect version 13. This article...


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