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  • New EA workshops from Dunstan Thomas

    NEW: Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Workshops from Dunstan Thomas Consulting As an alternative to our traditional classroom style training Dunstan Thomas Consulting now offer a series of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect workshops. These workshops...

  • Swedish Enterprise Architect User Group, Gothenburg

    This one day Enterprise Architect User Group will be held on 14th April 2016. Featuring three tracks, the meeting will focus on a “hands on approach to Enterprise Architect” that will be supported, with 30 minute presentations and associated workshops....

  • How-to: functional documentation in Enterprise Architect

    How-to: Functional Documentation in Enterprise Architect Written by: Carolien de Langen Chan Kerste

  • How to Validate your Enterprise Architect BPMN Models

    How to Validate your Enterprise Architect BPMN Models The BPMN notation is a good way to specify processes, may it be the workflow for a specific task or entire business processes. Such models may grow very large and you can easily lose track of...

  • Biner EASI - Kick start your Enterprise Architect work

    Biner EASI – An integration of TOGAF, Sparx Systems and ArchiMate This is a summary of the Biner EASI White Paper, please download the entire White Paper at the website . Introduction: One of the most common questions asked by Enterprise Architects is:...

  • Webinar; Deployment Options of Enterprise Architect

    This webinar from Dunstan Thomas discusses the options of using the various projects within Enterprise Architect, specifically, version 7.5 The webinar is presented by Phil Chudley one of the Senior Consultants and OMG Certified UML Professionals at...

  • Set all line styles in an Enterprise Architect diagram automatically

    With this script you can change set all the lines styles on a diagram at once, to your preferred style per type of connector. In Enterprise Architect you can choose from no less then 9 different line styles for the connectors. Unfortunately you can...

  • Requirements Management with Enterprise Architect

    Updated 9th June, 2016: Covering all new features available in Enterprise Architect 12.1 Enterprise Architect integrates Requirements Management with other software development disciplines, by creating requirements directly in the model. Requirements...

  • Enterprise Architect - Exploring the tool...part 2

    Exploring Enterprise Architect through video...part 2 In this second instalment of exploring EA through video Phil is looking at the visual style and workspace configuration options in Enterprise Architect. https://youtu.be/Bfg_1h4rews If you can't...

  • Scottish Gathering of Enterprise Architect Users

    Report from the first ever Scottish Gathering of Enterprise Architect Users Held in Livingston on Wednesday 8th June 2016 Written by Gillian Adens, Director at Hippo Software In June Hippo Software hosted a local gathering of Enterprise Architect users...

  • Product Family Engineering with Enterprise Architect and LemonTree by LieberLieber

    The rapidly-growing automotive supplier Preh Car Connect GmbH is re-establishing its software development on the Product Family Engineering methodology. Preh engineers, already longtime Enterprise Architect users, were recently introduced to LemonTree...

  • Introducing the Parallel Agile Add-in for Enterprise Architect

    This article will introduce you to both the Parallel Agile (PA) process and to the Parallel Agile Add-in for Enterprise Architect, which enables the PA process for Sparx customers. Download the article in PDF here. The Parallel Agile Add-in generates...

  • The Master Class Series - Project Documentation Using Enterprise Architect

    An important part of implementing Enterprise Architect, as an effective tool for agile analysis and design, is automating generation of project documentation. You need to be able to produce complex and stylised output and this has been a challenge for...

  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts with Enterprise Architect Extension Menus

    Using Keyboard Shortcuts with Enterprise Architect Extension Menus by Phil Chudley, Principal Consultant at Dunstan Thomas Consulting Background Extensions written for Enterprise Architect often define menus to invoke functionality, and although a...

  • Enterprise Architect User Group: London 2017

    Enterprise Architect User Group London 2017; 18th - 19th May The London 2017 meeting of the Enterprise Architect User Group sees a shakeup to the agenda in the form of an additional day being added to the roster. In additional to the traditional...

  • Enterprise Architect 14 Preview Webinar - Enhanced Model Editing

    This is the third webinar in our on-going Enterprise Architect 14 preview series. Enterprise Architect 14 brings the power of the Specification Manager to any diagram, providing a simple document-like view of the model. This approach helps to ensure...

  • Now Enterprise Architect is more Agile than ever with EA extension for Scrum

    'EA Extension for Scrum’ the newest third-party Plug-In approved by Sparx Systems provides agile teams the ultimate way to combine the functional power of Enterprise Architect with the Agile Community's ideas to manage the lifecycle of projects,...

  • Free Enterprise Architect Spy released

    LieberLieber is very proud to announce the release of a "free" Enterprise Architect Add-In! It is an absolute "must have" for anybody developing Add-Ins for EA. All details can be found on our Blog:...

  • How to import comments from MS Word into Enterprise Architect?

    The Tormigo Integration module also allows you to generate project documentation and scan project documentation when searching for notes to a model. The operation will find all the notes assigned to model elements in the indicated document. The...

  • New Enterprise Architect RTF Document Workshop

    Hippo Software introduces an Enterprise Architect workshop that teaches delegates how to confidently use the RTF editor to create RTF templates that extract documentation from models held in Enterprise Architect. Delegates learn how to select and order...


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