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  • Swedish Enterprise Architect User Group, Gothenburg

    This one day Enterprise Architect User Group will be held on 14th April 2016. Featuring three tracks, the meeting will focus on a “hands on approach to Enterprise Architect” that will be supported, with 30 minute presentations and associated workshops....

  • How-to: functional documentation in Enterprise Architect

    How-to: Functional Documentation in Enterprise Architect Written by: Carolien de Langen Chan Kerste

  • How to Validate your Enterprise Architect BPMN Models

    How to Validate your Enterprise Architect BPMN Models The BPMN notation is a good way to specify processes, may it be the workflow for a specific task or entire business processes. Such models may grow very large and you can easily lose track of...

  • Biner EASI - Kick start your Enterprise Architect work

    Biner EASI – An integration of TOGAF, Sparx Systems and ArchiMate This is a summary of the Biner EASI White Paper, please download the entire White Paper at the website . Introduction: One of the most common questions asked by Enterprise Architects is:...

  • Risk and Issue Management using Enterprise Architect and eaDocX

    This paper considers the requirements for a robust project risk and issue management process and describes how Enterprise Architect and eaDocX can support this key project activity. Many projects use Enterprise Architect (EA) to store information about...

  • EnArValidationRules: Validate and Auto-Correct your Enterprise Architect Models

    LieberLieber is proud to announce a new and free Enterprise Architect plug-in called EnArValidationRules essential for all Enterprise Architect users who want to validate their models with individual and customizable validation rules. In addition, it...

  • Webinar - Using ArchiMate in Enterprise Architect

    Last chance to register. ArchiMate is an industry standard notation developed by The Open Group for the graphical modelling of enterprise architectures. The notation has evolved to be fully aligned with TOGAF. Many companies recognise the value of...

  • User defined search on Enterprise Architect project baselines

    Enterprise Architect includes the package baseline feature that lets you create snapshots - backups of your model within the project (data is stored in the project's database). Once the baseline feature is used, it can be cumbersome to find the...

  • Enterprise Architect - Exploring the tool

    Exploring Enterprise Architect through video I have had the pleasure of working with Phil Chudley over the last 8+ years at Dunstan Thomas Consulting & last year we were working very closely on the online training project. While putting together the...

  • Managing a Student Project with Enterprise Architect – Part 2

    Read Part 1 of this Case Study We’re attempting a “crowdsourced bad driver reporting system” this semester, and because we need to be really productive, we’re using Enterprise Architect to model the project, field-test the Resilient Agile process, and...

  • Introducing RepoDoc, a document generator for Enterprise Architect

    About RepoDoc is a document generator for Enterprise Architect able to produce a variety of document formats using templates written in any text editor. How it works RepoDoc takes a document template and a starting package as input. It outputs a plain...

  • Editing an HTML report generated from Enterprise Architect using CSS

    Editing an HTML report generated from Enterprise Architect using CSS Introduction This article will walk you through the process of making a couple of simple tweaks to your HTML Report generated from Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. So what's the...

  • Enterprise Architect Training Courses available in France

    VISEO released its 2016 training catalogue, including a full range of updated training courses for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. All training materials are available in French. Slides and exercises content updated with Enterprise Architect 12.1...

  • Introducing Enterprise Architect 11

    Sparx Systems invites you to the webinar, Introducing Enterprise Architect 11 Enterprise Architect 11 will be a ground breaking, major release of Sparx Systems' award-winning modeling platform. With so many exciting enhancements in version 11, we want...

  • Deployment of Enterprise Architect

    Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is designed for use within large corporate environments. As a scalable modeling platform, Enterprise Architect provides a range of deployment options to accommodate the variety of modern enterprises. This whitepaper...

  • SysML with Enterprise Architect training available in France

    Involved since 2016 in the run of a 3 day training course on SysML with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect tool, I re-iterate this year with an up to date content based on even more improved and advanced implementation of the Systems Modelling Language...

  • Setting Up Pro Cloud Server for Enterprise Architect

    Setting Up the Pro Cloud Server for Enterprise Architect A step-by-step guide to installing and configuring the Pro Cloud Server. Easily deploy a web and mobile enabled collaboration platform for Enterprise Architect, connecting team members and...

  • Practical Session 1: Introduction to Enterprise Architect

    This document is designed to give an overview of using Enterprise Architect for the first time. It introduces important concepts such as the Project Browser, Toolbox and the Start Page, providing a practical demonstration of how to create a data flow...

  • Upcoming Webinar - Modeling ArcGIS Geodatabases with Enterprise Architect 12

    Modeling ArcGIS Geodatabases with Enterprise Architect 12 Are you getting started with ArcGIS geodatabase design and wondering how UML can help? Have you worked with ArcGIS for years and want a better way to design and share schemas? We'll show you how...

  • Tutorial: Generate complex documents from Enterprise Architect with a two-step semi-automated approach

    Step 1: Create the virtual document with a script Step 2: Generate the document from the virtual document Document generation is important in most organisations that work with Enterprise Architect. Storing information in the model is good, but most...


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