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  • Enterprise Architect User Group Events - Scotland & Brussels

    Upcoming Community-based End User Events in Europe - September & October, 2017 Two European User Group events will be held during late September and early October. The Scottish Gathering of Enterprise Architect Users will be held again in Livingston,...

  • Creating model based Javascript add-in with Enterprise Architect 15

    One of the latest features of Sparx Enterprise Architect 15 is the model based add-ins which can be created using JavaScript. These model based add-ins are defined by a combination of Receptions, Attributes and Operations which can be easily added in a...

  • Preparing Reports in Enterprise Architect - Online Course

    The online course is designed for all those who are interested in preparing reports directly from Enterprise Architect. The course consists of 10 video lessons. You will not find any theory in it. I also post the EAP files on which I have worked. All...

  • 4 Features in Enterprise Architect 15.1 that I can vouch for..

    It is not uncommon for Product releases to have a plethora of new features added., and as an Enterprise Architect user for the last 15 years, I was having just normal expectations when I peeked into the list of new features in the newly released...

  • Upcoming Public Training Dates Announced- Introduction to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

    Are you new to modeling or just new to using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect? This one day course is designed for new EA users to teach them the fundamentals on how Sparx Enterprise Architect works and what you can do with it. You will learn how to...

  • Monitor Real-time Diagram Updates in Enterprise Architect 16.

    Auto Refresh Diagrams Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect provides the New Auto Refresh feature that allows you to collaborate on diagrams with your team in real-time. This results in improved support for multiple people offering feedback on the same...

  • Code Analyzer in Sparx Enterprise Architect 16

    The Code Analyzer is a must-have tool when working with source code. It runs extremely complex queries on source code repositories at incredible speeds, when used locally or on a Sparx Intel cloud service. The Code analyzer uses a high-level query...

  • New EA workshops from Dunstan Thomas

    NEW: Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Workshops from Dunstan Thomas Consulting As an alternative to our traditional classroom style training Dunstan Thomas Consulting now offer a series of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect workshops. These workshops...

  • What's new with ArchiMate 3.0 & EA v.13?

    ArchiMate 3.0 by Phil Chudley, Principal Consultant at Dunstan Thomas Consulting The Open Group released the official specification of ArchiMate 3.0 in June 2016, and this new specification is supported in Enterprise Architect version 13. This article...

  • Swedish Enterprise Architect User Group, Gothenburg

    This one day Enterprise Architect User Group will be held on 14th April 2016. Featuring three tracks, the meeting will focus on a “hands on approach to Enterprise Architect” that will be supported, with 30 minute presentations and associated workshops....

  • How-to: functional documentation in Enterprise Architect

    How-to: Functional Documentation in Enterprise Architect Written by: Carolien de Langen Chan Kerste

  • eaUtils addin: sorting, alias generation and breadcrumb trail features

    I started last year a personal addin project for Sparx Enterprise Architect; eaUtils was intended to gather features that have addressed situations I came across over the past years. Initial eaUtils features come from scripts that were shared with the...

  • Biner EASI - Kick start your Enterprise Architect work

    Biner EASI – An integration of TOGAF, Sparx Systems and ArchiMate This is a summary of the Biner EASI White Paper, please download the entire White Paper at the website. Introduction: One of the most common questions asked by Enterprise Architects is:...

  • Deployment of Enterprise Architect

    Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is designed for use within large corporate environments. As a scalable modeling platform, Enterprise Architect provides a range of deployment options to accommodate the variety of modern enterprises. This whitepaper...

  • Practical Session 1: Introduction to Enterprise Architect

    This document is designed to give an overview of using Enterprise Architect for the first time. It introduces important concepts such as the Project Browser, Toolbox and the Start Page, providing a practical demonstration of how to create a data flow...

  • Webinar; Deployment Options of Enterprise Architect

    This webinar from Dunstan Thomas discusses the options of using the various projects within Enterprise Architect, specifically, version 7.5 The webinar is presented by Phil Chudley one of the Senior Consultants and OMG Certified UML Professionals at...

  • Free Enterprise Architect Spy released

    LieberLieber is very proud to announce the release of a "free" Enterprise Architect Add-In! It is an absolute "must have" for anybody developing Add-Ins for EA. All details can be found on our Blog:...

  • New Excel Data Transfer Workshop for Enterprise Architect

    Hippo Software introduces a new Enterprise Architect workshop to teach delegates how to transfer data between Enterprise Architect and Microsoft Excel. Delegates learn to use CSV files and Visual Basic code to synchronise element properties. This...

  • Now Enterprise Architect is more Agile than ever with EA extension for Scrum

    'EA Extension for Scrum’ the newest third-party Plug-In approved by Sparx Systems provides agile teams the ultimate way to combine the functional power of Enterprise Architect with the Agile Community's ideas to manage the lifecycle of projects,...

  • Risk and Issue Management using Enterprise Architect and eaDocX

    This paper considers the requirements for a robust project risk and issue management process and describes how Enterprise Architect and eaDocX can support this key project activity. Many projects use Enterprise Architect (EA) to store information about...


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