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  • Upcoming Webinar - Modeling ArcGIS Geodatabases with Enterprise Architect 12

    Modeling ArcGIS Geodatabases with Enterprise Architect 12 Are you getting started with ArcGIS geodatabase design and wondering how UML can help? Have you worked with ArcGIS for years and want a better way to design and share schemas? We'll show you how...

  • Tutorial: Generate complex documents from Enterprise Architect with a two-step semi-automated approach

    Step 1: Create the virtual document with a script Step 2: Generate the document from the virtual document Document generation is important in most organisations that work with Enterprise Architect. Storing information in the model is good, but most...

  • SD Times features Enterprise Architect: 'Why software tools need to adjust to the changing landscape of ALM'

    Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect has been featured in a recently published SD Times article, Online and Social Media Editor Madison Moore identifies the emerging influence of DevOps and Agile within the ALM domain... and the software that is...

  • The challenge with Script Debugging, Microsoft Process Debug Engine within Enterprise Architect.

    "VBScript and JScript require the Microsoft Process Debug Manager (PDM.dll) to be installed on the local machine; this is available through various Microsoft products including the free 'Microsoft Script Debugger'" (refer to:...

  • Webinar; Deployment Options of Enterprise Architect

    This webinar from Dunstan Thomas discusses the options of using the various projects within Enterprise Architect, specifically, version 7.5 The webinar is presented by Phil Chudley one of the Senior Consultants and OMG Certified UML Professionals at...

  • Set all line styles in an Enterprise Architect diagram automatically

    With this script you can change set all the lines styles on a diagram at once, to your preferred style per type of connector. In Enterprise Architect you can choose from no less then 9 different line styles for the connectors. Unfortunately you can...

  • Online training about Data Modeling in Sparx Enterprise Architect available on Udemy

    There is a new online training available about Information and Data Modeling on Udemy. In this training we use Sparx Enterprise Architect to create the various data models. Think about Conceptual data modeling in ArchiMate, Logical data modeling in UML...

  • ICONIX Process for Service-Oriented Architecture - A roadmap for SOA development w/ web services

    Doug Rosenberg, ICONIX Figure 1 - A “Secret Decoder Ring” may be required for Service Oriented Acronyms Trying to make sense out of the “acronym-scrabble” that engulfs Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) is a major challenge. We’re going to take a...

  • eaUtils addin: sorting, alias generation and breadcrumb trail features

    I started last year a personal addin project for Sparx Enterprise Architect; eaUtils was intended to gather features that have addressed situations I came across over the past years. Initial eaUtils features come from scripts that were shared with the...

  • Sparx Pro Cloud Server – The Enterprise Architect Gateway for Web Tools

    The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server offers a powerful gateway for third party tools to integrate with Enterprise Architect models. Pro Cloud Server allows users to Explore, query, retrieve and update information from Enterprise Architect using powerful...

  • Migrating from BizzDesign to Enterprise Architect

    Introduction This article outlines how customers can migrate from BizzDesign to Enterprise Architect. Many EAxpertise customers mentioned licence costs and additional factors have made them consider migration. The functionality offered by both tools...

  • Automatically trace elements to domain model in Enterprise Architect

    This script will search the text in the comments, scenario’s and linked document of the selected elements for terms in the domain model. If it finds a match it will create a trace from your selected element to the element in the domain model. The idea...

  • Fresh News: Enterprise Architect and Git

    It started off over 24+ months ago... there was a product we were building that created a solution to a problem called LemonTree (c). Now if you haven't heard of it, it's a tool to help alleviate a common challenge that many EA modelers face: Branching...

  • An Implementation of TRAK in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

    This paper is a companion to a presentation made at the INCOSE UK chapter’s Annual Systems Engineering Conference. The paper describes how an implementation of the definition of TRAK was implemented as a MDG technology for Sparx Systems Enterprise...

  • Deploy your Enterprise Architect C# add-in with an MSI package

    Step by step tutorial on how to create an MSI installer for your Enterprise Architect add-in using open source packages SharpDevelop and WiX The downloadable pdf document shows you step by step how to create an nice msi installer package for your...

  • Project estimation with Use Case Points using Enterprise Architect (EA)

    In this article I will show you how to estimate a software project using Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA)which is a famous CASEtool. (I used EA 7.5 in this article) Based on Rational Unified Process (RUP), In order to estimate software projects...

  • Enterprise Architect - Interoperability Enabler

    Since 2008 Sparx Systems has been supporting international communities to improve how spatial data is held by public authorities to support environmental policy. Enterprise Architect has been used to improve the harmonization of spatial data and...

  • Managing a Student Project with Enterprise Architect – Part 3

    In Part 1 and Part 2 of this article series we introduced a student project that I’m managing at the University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering ( USC CSSE ). USC’s location in downtown Los Angeles is at the epicenter...

  • Managing a student project with Enterprise Architect - Part 4

    In Parts 1, 2, and 3 of this article series we introduced a student project that I’m managing at the University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering. This article (Part 4) describes the results of our first semester’s...

  • Designing the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope with Enterprise Architect

    The LSST project included a critical design challenge to accommodate high-intensity processing of massive data sets, complex development across 10 locations and full traceability of requirements at science, system and sub-system levels. Using...


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