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  • Exploring Enterprise Architect through video...part 7

    Re-Using Elements In this latest instalment in the series Phil Chudley will be looking at how to re-use Elements from your repository in Enterprise Architect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DIs2ROV8fM As always all of our videos are available right...

  • Tutorials: Optmistic Model Versioning for Enterprise Architect Models

    Software and Systems Engineering, as any other interdisciplinary activity, requires the ability and means to build systems which are so large and complex that they have to be built by teams or even by teams of teams of engineers. In combination with a...

  • Preparing Visual Models for Publication with Enterprise Architect 10

    July, 2013 Mr Ben Constable , Senior Analyst at Sparx Systems, shares helpful tips on preparing Enterprise Architect diagrams for presentation in your specification documents, technical standards, reports or other publications. In this webinar, you'll...

  • Webinar Announcement: Visualizing Your Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF and Enterprise Architect

    The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is the industry's leading enterprise architecture framework. TOGAF contains numerous best practices and a proven method for establishing an architecture capability and developing architecture content. This...

  • Database Engineering with Enterprise Architect 12

    Enterprise Architect includes a powerful new database engineering toolset. The new Database Builder greatly enhances Enterprise Architect's existing data modeling capabilities – making it easier than ever to model, generate and synchronize database...

  • Reader's Choice Award for Enterprise Architect

    Enterprise Architect has recently been given the Bronze award in the Visual Studio Magazine 2015 Reader's Choice Awards. The Sparx Systems design and build platform was recognised as an outstanding solution in the 'Software Design, Frameworks, and...

  • Enterprise Architect 'Best In Show': 2016 SD Times 100

    Popular software development publication, SD Times, has awarded Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 'Best In Show in Software Development', a prestigious list of top 100 software solution providers for 2016. SD Times identified vendors and related...

  • Managing a Student Project with Enterprise Architect - Part 1

    Introduction (See attachment for full article) For the past several years I’ve enjoyed a mostly informal association with the University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering ( USC CSSE ). I was on-staff at USC a few years...

  • Register Now - Webinar Enterprise Architect 12 Release Highlights

    Enterprise Architect 12 is a major milestone release of Sparx Systems' award-winning modeling platform. Significant user interface enhancements make it easier to navigate the model, access element properties and create a personalized look and feel....

  • Intland Software's codeBeamer ALM with Enterprise Architect integration

    Intland Software's codeBeamer ALM is a collaborative Application Lifecycle Management platform that helps you create better software faster, using mature processes. codeBeamer ALM, this robust yet flexible Application Lifecycle Management solution...

  • Enterprise Architect Usergroup Conference in Utrecht

    Utrecht, 27th and 28th of September 2018 A usergroup conference in the Netherlands for everybody working with Sparx Enterprise Architect as a modeling tool, architecture repository or requirements management tool. Two days full of interesting sessions,...

  • Capability-based Planning using Enterprise Architect

    This morning I saw a survey from a worldwide modeling tool vendor which inquired about the perception that people have of Capability-based Planning, capabilities, capability maps, processes vs capability maps, etc... Capabilities are becoming the hot...

  • Factoring and Enterprise Architect

    Factoring has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years and today the global worth of the factoring business is estimated to be over €2.25 trillion. Partho Chakraborty and Arvind Sonmale, recently published a book called “Factoring - A...

  • Exploring Enterprise Architect through video...part 5

    Creating Composite Elements In this latest instalment in the series Phil Chudley will be looking at creating composite elements in Enterprise Architect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbWwYAc1ijM As always all of our videos are available right now via...

  • Automated Estimation using Enterprise Architect.

    This paper details an approach for creating automated measures of the scale and complexity of an enhancement, based on artifacts stored in Enterprise Architect (EA) from Sparx Systems. These scale and complexity measures can then be translated into...

  • Scottish Gathering of Enterprise Architect Users

    Hippo Software has announced the first Enterprise Architect User Group being held in Scotland, the long standing Sparx Systems Global Partner will be hosting the event on the 8th of June. When: Wednesday 8th June 2016 9.30am - 4pm Location: Mercure...

  • New SysML Book for Enterprise Architect Users

    We are very proud to announce that Dr. Oliver Alt from LieberLieber has finished a much enhanced version of his previously german SysML book in english. “Practical Model-based Systems Engineering with SysML – Handbook” Highlights: - Model-based Systems...

  • Traceability: Making Relationships Work with Enterprise Architect and eaDocX

    This White Paper examines how using EA to model relationships delivers end-to-end traceability, and looks at how we can use those relationships to bring our documents to life. One of the strengths of Enterprise Architect is that we can use it to...

  • Embedded Engineering made easy with Enterprise Architect

    ✓ Improved C code generation ✓ Efficient C++ code generation ✓ Debugging on the model level (UML) ✓ User code synchronization ✓ Requirements Tracing LieberLieber Embedded Engineer for Enterprise Architect Version 2.0 offers improved code generation...

  • Enterprise Architect identified for Agile Development and DevOps: SD Times In-depth Feature

    Regular contributor to SD Times, Lisa Morgan, has published an in-depth piece titled 'Navigating the endless ALM river', she investigates alternative solutions to some of the premium offerings within the marketplace. Lisa investigates the latest...


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