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  • Introducing RepoDoc, a document generator for Enterprise Architect

    About RepoDoc is a document generator for Enterprise Architect able to produce a variety of document formats using templates written in any text editor. How it works RepoDoc takes a document template and a starting package as input. It outputs a plain...

  • Product Family Engineering with Enterprise Architect and LemonTree by LieberLieber

    The rapidly-growing automotive supplier Preh Car Connect GmbH is re-establishing its software development on the Product Family Engineering methodology. Preh engineers, already longtime Enterprise Architect users, were recently introduced to LemonTree...

  • Enterprise Architect 12.1 Beta available: a first preview

    Sparx Systems released mid September the first beta of Enterprise Architect version 12.1. Full details on this version are available here. Below is a summary of the main features and enhancements introduced in EA 12.1. Web-based, online EA User Guide...

  • BigLever Software Delivers New Integration Solution for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

    BigLever Software™, the leading provider of systems and software product line engineering (PLE) solutions, recently announced the release of a new bridge product for integrating Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect with the company’s industry-standard...

  • Dunstan Thomas Consulting Cloud Services deployment of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect for ATOC

    Dunstan Thomas Consulting Cloud services deployment of Sparx Enterprise Architect for ATOC Dunstan Thomas Consulting (DTC) worked with ATOC to install and configure Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect to enable them to work in a collaborative...

  • Application Portfolio Management using Sparx Enterprise Architect

    Enterprise Architect supports comprehensive architecture modelling through its extensive support for standards and ability to allow extending such standards to suit organization specific needs. Enterprise Architect can be used to create a holistic view...

  • Use Java, C# & Co for your Scripting

    Use the power of modern IDEs and languages like Java, C#, F#, VB, or C++ for your EA Scripting. Here you find everything you need for a quick-start. Develop your solution, let's say a Text to Speech application for selected EA items. Code it in your...

  • European Enterprise Architect User Group in London

    The first European Enterprise Architect User Group meeting was held in London at the Institute of Directors in London on Tuesday 9th October 2012. The meeting sponsored by Dunstan Thomas Holdings Ltd, LieberLieber GmbH, and Ability Engineering Ltd was...

  • Excel Requirement bridge

    Enterprise Architect provides many features for requirements management. It allows team to create and update requirements, trace their solution, maintain whole requirement life cycle. We need sometimes work with requirements “outside” the Enterprise...

  • Sparx Senior Analyst presenting at ESRI Conference 2016

    Each year over 16,000 students and professionals from the GIS community attend the conference. This year Sparx Systems staff are looking forward to demonstrating its solutions for geodatabase design with UML (Booth #2440). Sparx Systems Senior Analyst,...

  • EAPostgresImportfromNativeXML: Enterprise Architect Native XML import to PostgreSQL solution

    About Enterprise Architect Native XML Project Transfer Native XML Project Transfer is a feature introduced in Enterprise Architect 15.1. Until then a full project could be transferred via Enterprise Architect Project Transfer between databases (from...

  • Enterprise Architect 'Best In Show': 2016 SD Times 100

    Popular software development publication, SD Times, has awarded Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 'Best In Show in Software Development', a prestigious list of top 100 software solution providers for 2016. SD Times identified vendors and related...

  • Triggering Add-in Functionality with Custom Hotkeys in Enterprise Architect

    Introduction Add-Ins are a very powerful means of extending Enterprise Architect's built-in functionality. However, in some cases you have a hard time navigating down to deeply nested items of your add-in menu in order to trigger their associated...

  • Harnessing the notational synergy of ArchiMate, BPMN and UML

    Introduction Straight out of the box, Sparx Enterpise Architect provides support for multiple modeling notations. Using a synergy of notations can result in a better description of business architecture. This article considers how ArchiMate, BPMN and...

  • The Agile Business Analyst

    “It's not the technology that's scary; it's what it does to the relations between people that's scary” - Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Everything Changing: We are all aware that we are living in a period of unprecedented...

  • Enterprise Architect 16 Menus and Shortcuts – A Detailed Comparison to EA 14 and EA 15

    Sparx Systems has recently released its latest version of Enterprise Architect 16. Sparx Systems have added various new features in this version. Here is a guide with a list of menus frequently used by EA practitioners. This ultimate guide focuses...

  • MDG VISEO EA UML to JHipster Generator: generate JDL entities in JHipster from UML models

    This article shares an MDG Technology that integrates Sparx Enterprise Architect UML models with JHipster. VISEO EA UML to JHipster Generator MDG produces JDL (JHipster Domain Language) content from UML models maintained in Enterprise Architect. This...

  • Reader's Choice Award Recognizes Sparx Systems For Software Architecture

    Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect has been honored with a Silver medal for Software Architecture excellence in this year's Visual Studio Reader's Choice Award. This follows on from winning a Bronze award in 2015 for outstanding solutions in the...

  • Enterprise Architect Community

    Catch Software is a proud partner of Sparx Systems and is pleased to sell and support their industry-leading UML CASE tool, Enterprise Architect. We love engaging with the Sparx Community, and as part of this, we host User Groups in New Zealand and...

  • New SysML Book for Enterprise Architect Users

    We are very proud to announce that Dr. Oliver Alt from LieberLieber has finished a much enhanced version of his previously german SysML book in english. “Practical Model-based Systems Engineering with SysML – Handbook” Highlights: - Model-based Systems...


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