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  • DoxyGen Code Templates for Enterprise Architect

    Enterprise Architect provides a number of code templates that specify the transformation from UML elements to the various parts of a given programming language. The following tutorial demonstrates how to modify a base code template to add support for...

  • BPEL: Model-Driven Generation with Enterprise Architect - A Step by Step Guide

    This tutorial will teach you a visual approach for generating Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) code from your model. Using a “Hello World” example, we illustrate how Enterprise Architect can automatically generate BPEL code for you.

  • Version Control Best Practices for Enterprise Architect

    This document explains how version control concepts apply to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and suggests best practices for establishing version control in shared and distribute. d modeling environments.

  • Creating Strategic Models with Enterprise Architect

    This Quick Start Guide demonstrates how to create Strategic Models, including a Mind Mapping Diagram, Organizational Chart, Flowchart, Value Chain, Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Map and Decision Tree. An on-line strategy for a restaurant is used to...

  • An Implementation of TRAK in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

    This paper is a companion to a presentation made at the INCOSE UK chapter’s Annual Systems Engineering Conference. The paper describes how an implementation of the definition of TRAK was implemented as a MDG technology for Sparx Systems Enterprise...

  • Create your first C# Enterprise Architect add-in in 10 minutes

    Step by step tutorial on how to create a simple "Hello World" type of add-in using C# The downloadable pdf document shows you step by step how to create a simple add-in for Enterprise Architect using C#. This tutorial was originally published on my...

  • Deploy your Enterprise Architect C# add-in with an MSI package

    Step by step tutorial on how to create an MSI installer for your Enterprise Architect add-in using open source packages SharpDevelop and WiX The downloadable pdf document shows you step by step how to create an nice msi installer package for your...

  • Requirements management in Enterprise Architect using Google Docs

    Group work in the cloud is a very convenient solution. Anyone who has tried to write the text with another person at the same time in applications such as Google Docs knows how effective and valuable these solutions are. Thanks to products such as the...

  • Automated Estimation using Enterprise Architect.

    This paper details an approach for creating automated measures of the scale and complexity of an enhancement, based on artifacts stored in Enterprise Architect (EA) from Sparx Systems. These scale and complexity measures can then be translated into...

  • Traceability: Making Relationships Work with Enterprise Architect and eaDocX

    This White Paper examines how using EA to model relationships delivers end-to-end traceability, and looks at how we can use those relationships to bring our documents to life. One of the strengths of Enterprise Architect is that we can use it to...

  • Modeling your domain models in UML using Enterprise Architect

    In any given system under development, the business domain of that system is key. It holds all concepts important to the domain, and captures the business logic from the domain. An important question to answer is what to model about the objects in that...

  • Preparing Visual Models for Publication with Enterprise Architect 10

    July, 2013 Mr Ben Constable, Senior Analyst at Sparx Systems, shares helpful tips on preparing Enterprise Architect diagrams for presentation in your specification documents, technical standards, reports or other publications. In this webinar, you'll...

  • Project estimation with Use Case Points using Enterprise Architect (EA)

    In this article I will show you how to estimate a software project using Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA)which is a famous CASEtool. (I used EA 7.5 in this article) Based on Rational Unified Process (RUP), In order to estimate software projects...

  • APG Sparx Enterprise Architect Systems Development Course

    APG is offering our Sparx Enterprise Architect Systems Development course via web-based delivery on Tuesday, February 11th. Course will have live instructor with a maximum of 8 students. Email sales@aprocessgroup.com for pricing and details. Topics...

  • New Webinar: Using the Visual Execution Analyzer in Enterprise Architect

    New webinar on the 28th and 29th of January. Register Today to learn more about Enterprise Architect. Scott Hebbard, Communications Manager at Sparx Systems, will demonstrate how to use the Visual Execution Analyzer (VEA) to debug applications. In this...

  • Webinar Announcement: Visualizing Your Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF and Enterprise Architect

    The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is the industry's leading enterprise architecture framework. TOGAF contains numerous best practices and a proven method for establishing an architecture capability and developing architecture content. This...

  • Smarter Meetings with Enterprise Architect

    Have you ever been to a meeting that was a waste of time? Do some of your meetings end without the result you need? Or with no result at all? Having the right information available at the right time in the right format would make everything so much...

  • Using ArchiMate in Enterprise Architect - Webinar Now Online

    ArchiMate is an industry standard notation developed by The Open Group for the graphical modeling of enterprise architectures. The notation has evolved to be fully aligned with TOGAF. Many companies recognise the value of these architectural models in...

  • Database Engineering with Enterprise Architect 12

    Enterprise Architect includes a powerful new database engineering toolset. The new Database Builder greatly enhances Enterprise Architect's existing data modeling capabilities – making it easier than ever to model, generate and synchronize database...

  • Register Now - Webinar Enterprise Architect 12 Release Highlights

    Enterprise Architect 12 is a major milestone release of Sparx Systems' award-winning modeling platform. Significant user interface enhancements make it easier to navigate the model, access element properties and create a personalized look and feel....


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