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  • Reader's Choice Award for Enterprise Architect

    Enterprise Architect has recently been given the Bronze award in the Visual Studio Magazine 2015 Reader's Choice Awards. The Sparx Systems design and build platform was recognised as an outstanding solution in the 'Software Design, Frameworks, and...

  • Enterprise Architect 'Best In Show': 2016 SD Times 100

    Popular software development publication, SD Times, has awarded Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 'Best In Show in Software Development', a prestigious list of top 100 software solution providers for 2016. SD Times identified vendors and related...

  • Managing a Student Project with Enterprise Architect - Part 1

    Introduction (See attachment for full article) For the past several years I’ve enjoyed a mostly informal association with the University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering ( USC CSSE ). I was on-staff at USC a few years...

  • Advanced Integration for Systems Engineering

    Advanced Integration for Systems Engineering codeBeamer ALM + Enterprise Architect with LieberLieber LieberLieber and Intland Software today announce their codeBeamer ALM – Enterprise Architect Integration 2.0. This new version of the integration...

  • Maximizing the Value of your Enterprise Architecture Investment

    Enterprise Architects are now being reported as the highest paid discipline in IT, however with this realization organizations need to ensure they are getting the most out of these highly-skilled professionals. The skills and experience of Enterprise...

  • Exploring EA 11 Specification Manager

    Introduction Specification Manager introduced in Enterprise Architect 11, provides a simple document view for editing and maintaining model elements in Enterprise Architect. Specification Manager's Word Processor like interface makes it easier for the...

  • Sparx Community of Ottawa, Canada invite you to attend “Enterprise Architect” day, May 1, 2013

    You are cordially invited to join us on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 where customers actively using Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect will join with Sparx’ Global Partners to share real life experiences and success stories. Sparx Systems Enterprise...

  • Enterprise Architect Interface to Microsoft Project

    Overview When planning resource utilization for a large project, the task allocation details can be defined against each element in the project and assigned to a resource (a staff member). This process can be completed in Enterprise Architect or MS...

  • Creating Diagram Filters within Enterprise Architect

    Diagram Filters allow you to tailor the presentation of diagrams and conduct meaningful comparisons. Dynamic Visual Filtering lets you highlight diagram elements based on selected properties such as Author, Status, Stereotype and Version. Diagram...

  • APG Sparx Enterprise Architect Systems Engineering Course

    APG is offering their Sparx Systems Engineering Course via web-based delivery on January 29th. Course will have live instructor with maximum of 8 students. Email sales@aprocessgroup.com for details and pricing. Topics Covered: · Build Domain Model ·...

  • Pong with Enterprise Architect

    For some time now we wanted to do funny stuff again. And what’s easier for the proof-of-concept for EA as a gaming engine than the 30 years old classic ‘Pong’? All it takes is some Wrapper for the EA-Diagram-Coordinates and a basic engine for collision...

  • Enacting the Service-Oriented Modeling Framework (SOMF) using Enterprise Architect

    This document presents an overview of the modeling notation introduced by Michael Bell in his seminal book Service-Oriented Modeling - Service Analysis, Design and Architecture. SOMF provides a formal method of defining services at different levels of...

  • AMUSE from LieberLieber and RXF from Willert the Embedded Solution for Enterprise Architect

    We are very proud to announce that the Embedded Solution we showed at the Embedded World 2011 has finally been completed. This tool chain was jointly developed with the Embedded and Rhapsody Experts from Germany – together with Willert Software Tools....

  • Reference of Menu Changes Enterprise Architect 9.x to 10

    The reference is provided as an Excel-File in .xls format. You may use Ctrl-F to find the desired menu text.

  • Fast access to each diagram in Enterprise Architect

    We have often to do with EA models we’ve never seen before. In such cases, you have either to click through the project tree (can be confusing and time-robbing) or you use some pre-defined Model Views. The picture bellow shows how it could look like on...

  • State Machine Simulation in Enterprise Architect

    This paper introduces Enterprise Architect's simulation capabilities for State Machines by means of an example model. State Machine simulation can help you to verify that the run-time behavior of your designed system conforms to specification. In this...

  • Enterprise Architect Training for IATA/AIDM users - 2017 workshops

    With the initial release of the Airline Industry Data Model (AIDM), and with an increasing number of airline industry standardization workgroups leveraging and adding to the data model, a training consortium of Sparx Systems’ Training Partners will...

  • Git Client for Enterprise Architect

    LemonTree 2.5 brings its most powerful features directly in your modeling environment. And have you ever wanted to use basic Git functions directly in your modeling environment? With LieberLieber LemonTree 2.5 we now offer you exactly these...

  • Creating and Simulating (also validating) a state machine using Enterprise Architect

    Recently I have been reverse engineering a state transition ( officially a state machine but I prefer the term state transition model ) to understand the complex life-cycle of our application’s central object. I had seen a demo on model simulation but...

  • Are you an expert in MDG Technologies with Enterprise Architect?

    We’re looking for EA enthusiasts who are experienced in either BPMN, TOGAF, SysML, DoDAF/MODAF, Archimate, SOA, SOMF or Zachman, to help us refine our support for these specialised styles of EA model. Our experience is mostly with UML, so we’ve got...


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