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  • Creating and Simulating (also validating) a state machine using Enterprise Architect

    Recently I have been reverse engineering a state transition ( officially a state machine but I prefer the term state transition model ) to understand the complex life-cycle of our application’s central object. I had seen a demo on model simulation but...

  • Are you an expert in MDG Technologies with Enterprise Architect?

    We’re looking for EA enthusiasts who are experienced in either BPMN, TOGAF, SysML, DoDAF/MODAF, Archimate, SOA, SOMF or Zachman, to help us refine our support for these specialised styles of EA model. Our experience is mostly with UML, so we’ve got...

  • Exploring Enterprise Architect through video...part 3

    In this third instalment of exploring EA through video Phil is looking at Creating a Repository: https://youtu.be/7SC9-UCVYFc If you can't wait to view all of our videos from this series please visit our YouTube channel... and don't forget to...

  • Construction of sequence diagrams in real-time in Enterprise Architect 9

    This text shows, how in just a few steps one may generate a sequence diagram in a running application. The example has been written in Java and demonstrates the building of a contact book.

  • TORMIGO - rational change report based on Enterprise Architect baseline mechanism

    1. Preparing baseline for the package 1.1. Select the package for which the baseline is to be created from the project repository in EA, and then from the popup menu (right mouse button) select Package Control -> Manage Baselines or use the keyboard...

  • Workflow Scripting in Enterprise Architect

    Using Workflow scripting you can set the order of work to be performed by members of the team and ensure that specified outcomes are obtained on completion of the workflow routine. This paper describes Enterprise Architect's Workflow scripting and the...

  • Prolaborate 3.0 available

    Sparx Systems has released Prolaborate 3 , the latest version of its web solution for Enterprise Architect modelling tool. Main improvements: Increased performances. New widget to include Impact Analysis views in the dashboards. New CxO multi-level...

  • EA and Prolaborate Usergroup Event in Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Are you an Enterprise Architect, Software Designer, Business Analyst or Business Process Analyst? Do you use Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect or Prolaborate? Are you interested in three days full of information exchange on the usage of Sparx Systems...

  • EA User Group - Presenter Spotlight; Bert Dingemans

    EA User Group Presenter Spotlight: Bert Dingemans As we prepare for the London EA User Group this June we will be looking at our presenters & what they are bringing to the proceedings this time around. To kick things off we will be having a look at...

  • SVG Diagram Export Add-In

    Enterprise Architect comes with very powerful import and export capabilities for models and diagrams. But what we have always been missing is an export format for diagrams that generates really portable vector graphics (and not just Windows-only...

  • Submission Guidelines

    The following are the guidelines for submitting resources to the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community site. Please ensure you have read them prior to submitting any resources for publication. Resources must directly relate to the use of...

  • Sparx Systems University Week: Japan, USA & Europe

    A series of global knowledge exchange sessions will be held during the month of July, the inaugural Sparx University Week will be hosted by Sparx Systems Japan, Sparx Systems Central Europe, and Sparx Services North America. The format of each course...

  • EA UML Online Training courses scheduled for end of June

    We are scheduling another series of online classes for UML with Enterprise Architect (EA) at the end of June . Depending on your learning needs, choose from: The 1-day Quickstart, 2-day UML intensive, or the 3-day UML comprehensive. Please see full...

  • New BIZBOK Offerings from Sparx Services North America

    Sparx Services North America launches new offerings to support the BIZBOK® Guide for Business Architecture Sparx Services North America is pleased to announce a new set of training, consulting and technology offerings aligned to the BIZBOK Guide to...

  • Remote Delivery; Work Safe, Work Smart

    Remote Delivery; Work Safe, Work Smart COVID-19 has thrust us into uncertain times but we are adapting to our new temporary arrangements. Dunstan Thomas, as of last week, have suspended all face to face training and consulting engagements and moved to...

  • Feedback on the EA User Group London 2017: presentations, case studies and user stories

    This article provides some feedback on the EAUG London 2017 event, covering a full day of presentations, case studies, and user stories which took place on Friday, May 19 th . It illustrates the quality of information that has been delivered if you...

  • Dunstan Thomas publish new online training content

    Online Training with Dunstan Thomas Reporting with EA 15 In this new world of Social Distancing, remote working and remote delivery have become essential as we all adapt to being at home and away from the traditional meeting room environment. It is...

  • The Agile Business Analyst

    “It's not the technology that's scary; it's what it does to the relations between people that's scary” - Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Everything Changing: We are all aware that we are living in a period of unprecedented...

  • Dunstan Thomas publish online training for BPMN modelling with EA 15.x

    Online Training with Dunstan Thomas BPMN 2.0 with Enterprise Architect version 15 It looks like social distancing will be with us for the foreseeable future and as such Dunstan Thomas are continuing to operate under a remote delivery model. The updates...

  • Creating Navigable Models for HTML Publication

    Creating Navigable Models for HTML Publication By Phil Chudley, Prinicipal Consultant at Dunstan Thomas Consulting Background Once a model has been developed in Enterprise Architect, it can be shared to users who do not have Enterprise Architect by...


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