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  • Requirements Management using Enterprise Architect's Specification Manager

    July Webinar Announced by Sparx Systems, register Today: http://www.sparxsystems.com/resources/webinar/webinar-registration.html Business requirements are often stored as text documents, resulting in poor traceability, lost requirements and flawed...

  • Creating Navigable Models for HTML Publication

    Creating Navigable Models for HTML Publication By Phil Chudley, Prinicipal Consultant at Dunstan Thomas Consulting Background Once a model has been developed in Enterprise Architect, it can be shared to users who do not have Enterprise Architect by...

  • Debug Model & Code side by side

    There are a number of techniques available that allow code generation from a UML model. Learn how to debug the modeled behavior using both UML and the generated code. The following video shows the first integration between the modeling environment:...

  • Enterprise Architect 9.0 on Mac and Linux

    CrossOver is one of the easiest and afforable ways to get Enterprise Architect 9.0 up and running on Mac or Linux! Watch the short instructional video, then be sure to visit the community page for Enterprise Architect 9.0 for Mac and Linux to download...

  • Prolaborate - Sharing and Collaboration software for Enterprise Architect

    The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server offers a powerful gateway for third party tools to integrate with Enterprise Architect models. Pro Cloud Server allows users to Explore, query, retrieve and update information from Enterprise Architect using powerful...

  • Enterprise Architect 16 beta

    Official release of Enterprise Architect 16 beta The beta release of Enterprise Architect 16 is now available for you to download and experience. Registered users have immediate access to the EA16.0 beta installer Version 16 expands and transforms...

  • Sparx Enterprise Architect project browser script: find the classifier of an object, port, part or attribute

    Early this month, I published a script to sort elements from a selected package by the alias name . This article provides another project browser script that finds and selects the classifier for an instance or a class attribute, or the property type...

  • EA User Group speakers travel 19,000 KM's to spread the word about eaDocX

    Catch Software are delighted to be welcoming special guests Ian and Jackie Mitchell, founders of UK company Ability Engineering and developers of eaDocX, to the next Enterprise Architect User Group (EAUG). Ian and Jackie are making the journey from the...

  • Why Join?

    Why Join? The Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community Site provides access to tutorials, white papers, case studies and other resources written by industry experts and leading Enterprise Architect professionals. By joining the Community Site you...

  • 5 reasons why web based sharing and collaboration is imperative for modeling teams

    5 reasons why web based sharing and collaboration is imperative for modeling teams. Enterprise Architect offers a wide spectrum of modeling solutions that lets users capture all facets of an IT landscape. The models are rich, comprehensive and greatly...

  • Why join?

    The Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community Site provides access to tutorials, white papers, case studies and other resources written by industry experts and leading Enterprise Architect professionals. By joining the Community Site you can also...

  • Sparx Systems Supports Development of the Building Information Model

    Building Smart Cities on Standards Sparx Systems Supports Development of the Building Information Model (BIM) BIM promises significant benefits to the building and construction industry and heralds the rise of Smart Cities. It is industry disruption...

  • EA User Group London 2018 feedback

    This year’s London EA User Group took place at the Skills Matters Code Node venue. It has been enjoyable and useful to discuss and share experiences with users via this unique dedicated SparxSystems Enterprise Architect event. This article shares some...

  • Business Analysis Survey ( India) : 80 % of BA's advocates the use of Modelling Tools.

    A “ Business Analysis Survey “was conducted by Sparx Systems (India), in collaboration with BA Convention and IIBA™ at Bangalore , India. The outcome of the survey revealed some interesting insights about the Business Analysis in India, which is...

  • Dunstan Thomas launch online training service.

    Online training with Dunstan Thomas DT Consulting now offer a virtual learning environment to compliment our existing classroom offering. This new browser delivered self-study training environment will bring to you DT Consulting’s most popular training...

  • SparxSystems CE on tour in the German region

    2016 Enterprise Architect Roadshow: Germany, Austria & Switzerland Since the last Sparx Systems Central Europe roadshow, Sparx EA Versions 10, 12 and 12 have been published. Now, Enterprise Architect 12.1 has been released. Participants will be...

  • Using the Database Builder to import a DB Schema as enumerations classes

    As part of an EA add'in implementation, I had to import all Enterprise Architect table and column names in enumeration classes. Having access to a database that stores a Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect project (e.g. MySQL, SQL Server, or even an EAP...

  • Canberra EA User Group - 09/12/2010

    You are invited to attend the Canberra EA User Group, which will be taking place next Thursday. This month we are fortunate enough to have Sparx Systems COO, Ben Constable, joining us with a demo of the new Enterprise Architect v9.0 features....

  • First EA User Group in France, Paris on the 17/09/2015

    Enterprise Architect User Group (EAUG) - France, Sept. 2015 VISEO will host the first EAUG in France on Thursday, September 17 th 2015 . This Enterprise Architect User Group will be held in Paris at "27 quai Le Gallo - Boulogne-Billancourt"...

  • An Overview of SoaML

    In Enterprise Architect SoaML is provided via MDG Technology as a UML Profile and is included as standard in the following editions of Enterprise Architect: Corporate Business & Software Engineering Systems Engineering Ultimate Edition Introducing...


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