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  • Enterprise Tester v3.4 - TFS & Selenium Integration

    A new version of Enterprise Tester has just been released and this month we've added additional integration options into the product. This latest version offers integration into Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS) for defect tracking and...

  • Official Release: MDG Technology for ArcGIS™

    With the release of Enterprise Architect 9.3, Build 931, Sparx Systems announced the official release of its UML profile for modeling, importing and exporting ArcGIS geodatabase schemas. MDG Technology for ArcGIS is designed to enchance the work of...

  • Tooling Challenge

    HL7 Tooling Challenge Sparx Systems attended the HL7 26 th Plenary in Baltimore where the HL7 Tooling Challenge was announced. HL7 is the global authority on standards for interoperability of health information technology with members in over 55...

  • How do you detect a moving asteroid that might hit the earth?

    The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope will survey the entire sky for a decade from it's mountaintop perch in Chile, sweeping the sky every 3 nights, shooting two 3-gigapixel images per minute, adding up to a mind-boggling 20 terabytes of images to be...

  • EA TFS Connector a new add-in for the Bellekens EA Toolpack

    The Bellekens EA toolpack, the free set of add-ins for Enterprise Architect has expanded with a new add-in: the EA TFS Connector . This new add-in for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect synchronizes workitems 2-ways between EA and TFS ( Microsoft Team...

  • N-Ary Association Class

    Not all modelling tools properly support conceptual modelling with UML. I have experienced that some open source tools lack support for association classes and n-ary associations. For this reason, I wanted to investigate how the following conceptual...

  • Implementation of MBSE based on EA

    Introduction of MBSE MBSE (Model Based System Engineering) is an effective method to analyze, design and develop complex systems. At present, the scale of aviation, automobile, machinery, ship, machinery and enterprise information system is becoming...

  • Model Based Software Engineering: How fast can we go?

    The need for speed With the recent passing of General Chuck Yeager as well as the beginning of 2021, I thought it might be a good time to reflect on the never ending quest for speed. General Yeager, of course, was the man who broke the sound barrier in...

  • MDG for modeling ISA 88 Batch systems

    We have developed a MDG for the (Batch) process industry based on ANSI/ISA S88 standard and extended with the capability to create Piping and Instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and Functional Block diagrams (FBD). The Physical model Physical model toolbox...

  • C# Add-in template

    The following file is a C# Add-in Template for Enterprise Architect. Use it as a base project for any C# Add-in work.

  • eBook: Embedded Systems Development using SysML

    Embedded Systems Development using SysML is not just an overview of the SysML modeling notation - it is a practical guide for systems engineers! The book provides a well defined approach to systems development, and applies it to a detailed example...

  • Publication of new book -- Patterns of Data Modeling

    Tried and tested patterns can help developers build data models better, faster, and with fewer mistakes. The book assumes a basic understanding of data modeling, but provides examples in such a way that if the reader needs some review, it is built in....

  • Sparx Systems is now on Twitter

    You can now follow our news feed for the latest company and product news. To better connect with the Enterprise Architect community and provide you with up to date information, Sparx Systems is now running a Twitter feed at:...

  • SysML 1.3 beta preview

    The next version of SysML, the modelling language based on UML for Systems Engineering projects, should be released in June as version 1.3 beta is currently listed on the OMG.org website . Even though SysML 1.3 beta specifications aren’t released yet,...

  • EnArWeb 1.0 has been released!

    Open your Web browser and immediately start working with the Data in your Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems Repository. EnArWEB reduces EA’s complexity to several aggregated views matching the needs of your daily work and shortens the learning...

  • Global Energy Exchange - Data Without Borders

    ABSTRACT For harmonisation of data, models are absolutely essential, enabling more automated, more change enabled, flexible and future proof technology. A model led implementation of energy transmission data is an effective way to ensure a standard...

  • Defining Software Architectures

    The attached document is a Technical report that describes an approach for defining software architectures. The authors are Francesco Tisato and Diego Bernini . This report presents the approach authors use in their course "Software Architecture"...

  • Validating ArchiMate models

    When to consider the use of ArchiMate? The Open Group recently released the ArchiMate 2.1 specification ; I think that there are five principle reasons to consider using the notation to describe the architecture of your enterprise. By design, ArchiMate...

  • CIO Review: Sparx Systems - Top 20 Most Promising BPM Solution Providers 2016

    US based Technology magazine CIO Review has identified Sparx Systems within their '20 Most Promising BPM Solution Providers' list for 2016. In a vendor feature by CIO Review, Sparx Systems founder and CEO Geoffrey Sparks discusses how Enterprise...

  • Just 1 week to go until the next EA Usergroup in Gdansk

    The agenda has been confirmed and the presenters are ready. Now all we need is you. If you still haven't booked your place on May 24th to discover the latest in modelling with Enterprise Architect then it isn't too late. Tickets are still available....


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