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  • DMV Virginia - CSI Systems Redesign Project

    The Department of Motor Vehicles Virginia (DMV), is undertaking a top-priority, multi-year redesign project to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its services, by integrating processes behind three of its major business areas: driver, vehicle...

  • Service-Oriented Modeling Framework (SOMF): Logical Design Composition

    This logical design composition tutorial describes yet another SOMF design capability that can be leveraged in Enterprise Architect when modeling service deployment to a production environment. Moreover, the paper introduces design styles that can be...

  • Service-Oriented Modeling Framework (SOMF): Building Service Attribution Models

    This training material discusses the process of collecting service attributes and building attribution models with Enterprise Architect to facilitate the discovery of conceptual services for a project or a larger business or technological initiative....

  • New requirements management demonstration series

    Sparx Systems is pleased to announce the release of a three-part demonstration series on requirements management. This series provides insight on how you can use Enterprise Architect to effectively manage project requirements. Topics include:...

  • Get 2013 off to a flying start

    New Year Offer: Free on-line support during your eaDocX trial Hundreds of people in loads of organisations have already discovered how eaDocX makes integrating EA with Word and Excel simple. So now we want to make it easy for you to see: how eaDocX...

  • New and Improved Community Site

    We are very pleased to welcome you to our new and improved Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community Site. In addition to making it easier to contribute, search and share material, we have added new functionality for connecting to social media,...

  • Order from Chaos - Developing Use Cases

    Using the metaphor of a jigsaw puzzle from the previous blog , we inferred the necessity of technology to tame the complexity of a system that is in a state of constant change but which nevertheless must be managed and guided such that it meets key...

  • eaDocX v3.4 beta available

    Additional document creation options from your Enterprise Architect model are now available with the release of the eaDocX v3.4 beta. This latest eaDocX release allows you to: - construct documents and document sections based on your model views - use...

  • hoTools: SQL with Tabbed Editing, Macros, Templates,

    Abstract Build your EA SQL Query with a tabbed editor. Load and Save it to your file system. Use elaborate Macros to access EA features like #CurrentItemID#, DiagramSelectedElements_IDS#, .. Everything tuned to make it easy and to concentrate at the...

  • Enterprise Business Intelligence with APG ModelFlow and Sparx EA

    Many organizations already have or are in the process of building catalogs and inventories of key assets either in office productivity tools like Microsoft Visio® or Excel® or collaboration tools like Microsoft SharePoint®. Managing this contents in...

  • Sparx Featured in SD Times: DevOps Driven Digital Transformation

    In an in-depth and illuminating interview with Sparx Systems Founder and CEO Geoffrey Sparks, Alexandra Weber Morales from SD Times identified several key aspects surrounding the company's continued growth in the DevOps space. Geoffrey illustrated how...

  • Perspectives

    We share this poster of perspectives which show a general overview of the perspectives available in version 14 of Enterprise Architect. We hope you find it useful!

  • Single Sign On with Sparx ProCloud WebEA and IIS

    Single Sign On with Sparx Systems ProCloud 3.0 WebEA and Microsoft Server 2016 with Internet Information Server After an installation as documented with the following User Security settings in Enterprise Architect You will get the following Login for...

  • Mode Driven Architecture with code-generation

    Background Cephei.QL is a large project, consisting of over two thousand classes and twenty thousand closures. It has been implemented in F# because parallel executing needs to be functionally immutable to avoid co-mutation of data on separate threads,...

  • Terms and Conditions

    Introduction The Terms and Conditions spelled out in this Agreement are stipulated between You and Sparx Systems Pty Ltd. (“Sparx”). You are hereby agreeing to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). These Terms are governed by the...

  • Enterprise Tester v3.0 Out Now! Introducing 'Duette' for Automated Test Support

    Catch are pleased to announce the release of Enterprise Tester v3.0, supporting automated tests. This major release introduces our new plugin, Duette, which supports the importing of results from automated testing tools, HP Quick Test Professional...

  • New TOGAF courses from Dunstan Thomas ALM

    Again we've been expanding our core training offering. This time we've had Phil Chudley busy developing courses designed to look into TOGAF. We've three new courses in all each varying in length & complexity; Introduction to Enterprise Architecture ; 1...

  • Business Motivation Model MDG Technology

    What BMM is From the OMG website: " The Business Motivation Model specification provides a scheme or structure for developing, communicating, and managing business plans in an organized manner. Specifically, the Business Motivation Model does all of...

  • IATA Industry Data Model

    In the rapidly changing world of aviation, standards are the measure by which successful transition from the norm to the new can be made. Over 60 years, IATA has developed the commercial standards that built a global industry and its mission is to...

  • Hippo Software invites you to a webinar on ‘Enterprise Architect and ArchiMate’

    Learn how to use ArchiMate and Enterprise Architect to model your enterprise architecture. Understand the complex inter-dependencies between people, processes, applications, data and hardware. Use ArchiMate to align your business and IT strategies....


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