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  • Event Notice: Enterprise Architect 14 and Sparx Services Australia

    Enterprise Architect 14 and Sparx Services Australia Come join us on the dates listed below as we celebrate the recent release of Enterprise Architect 14 and the establishment of Sparx Services Australia. Register using the URL Below:...

  • Enterprise Architect 14 and Sparx Services Australia

    Enterprise Architect 14 and Sparx Services Australia Come join us on the dates listed below as we celebrate the recent release of Enterprise Architect 14 and the establishment of Sparx Services Australia. Register using the URL Below:...

  • Integrate NUnit into Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 8

    Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems allows you to integrate NUnit unit tests into your project. As the new build of EA (8.863) now supports .net 4.0 I revisited this functionality and prepared a little walkthrough. All of this work has been done on...

  • Producing Living Documentation with SPARX Enterprise Architect

    One of the most powerful side effects of the SPARX Enterprise Architect document publishing tools is that it enables the team to keep project documentation alive and current. One of the things I hear most about out of date documentation is that it is...

  • Our Enterprise Architect Community

    Catch has been running Enterprise Architect User Groups in APAC for a few years and I have been to almost every one, yet I never fail to be amazed by the awesome things that Enterprise Architect users are doing with the software. For those of you...

  • Highlights from Sparx webinar on setting up a team modeling environment

    I attended on the 7th of November a webinar from Sparx Systems about setting up a team modelling environment with Enterprise Architect using a centralised DBMS. This webinar was presented by Scott Hebbard, Communications Manager at Sparx Systems. It...

  • Sparx Systems University Week - 23-27 Oct, 2017

    The second Sparx University Week will be run during October, with most training sessions being held during the week of October 23-27. University Weeks are hosted by Sparx Systems Japan, Sparx Systems Central Europe, Sparx Services North America, Sparx...

  • Define a shared EA project in Microsoft Azure SQL Database Cloud services

    This article provides guidance on setting up a Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect modelling project in the Cloud, using Microsoft Azure SQL Database services. Microsoft Azure SQL Database (formerly SQL Azure, SQL Server Data Services, SQL Services,...

  • SparxSystems Central Europe: From Trainer to Founder with Enterprise Architect as Key Development Tool, of course

    During his time as an Enterprise Architect consultant, Jan van Oort trained numerous SparxSystems Central Europe customers eager to improve their modeling skills and methodologies. When he co-founded the startup KIVU in 2016, he naturally introduced...

  • Award for Smart Grid Technology based on Enterprise Architect

    SparxSystems CE: Award for Smart Grid Technology Salzburg University of Applied Sciences recently received a Best Paper Award for its SGAM Toolbox for model-based engineering and evaluation of “smart grid” architectures. The Toolbox is an innovative...

  • SparxSystems CE: Modular design with Enterprise Architect

    In the new economy, engineering firms and equipment manufacturers find themselves forced to retain more and more development capacity to meet customer-specific modification and product upgrade challenges. In addition to higher costs, this can also lead...

  • Running Enterprise Architect on a Server

    We run Enterprise Architect on our Teamcity Continuous Integration Server so we can update class diagrams on build – or run unit tests for some of our Enterprise Architect integration projects - like AMUSE . Some of this information was already...

  • New Enterprise Architect Workshops and SysML Training Courses

    Hippo Software’s Enterprise Architect workshops are highly practical ½ day and 1 day training sessions designed to provide revision on UML and BPMN concepts and notation, and increase confidence in creating UML and BPMN models within Enterprise...

  • Introduction to Enterprise Architect - The Basics

    If you are considering Enterprise Architect or you are a first time user, this webinar is for you. Discover the visual power of the modeling environment as we walk you through the basics, show you tips and tricks that will speed up the modeling process...

  • Webinar on Dec 6th, 2018 - Automated application testing for the telecommunication industry using Enterprise Architect and Frameworx eTOM

    Are you aware of the opportunity using the TM Forum's Frameworx enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) as an accelerator of your next transition project with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect? As a partner of the TM Forum and Sparx Systems, TransWare...

  • Sparx Enterprise Architect Systems Engineering Course by APG

    Sparx Enterprise Architect Systems Engineering Description: Enterprise Architect Systems Engineering provides students with a hands-on opportunity for learning how to capture systems engineering models with the OMG Systems Modeling Language 1.3 (OMG...

  • MANEA - a new integration tool for Mantis Bug Tracker and Enterprise Architect

    I'm glad to announce the release of MANEA. MANEA is a plugin to MANTIS BUG Tracker, which allows for two-way synchronization of selected entries from the MANTIS BT system according to the repository requirements contained in Enterprise Architect by...

  • Geert Bellekens' UML and Enterprise Architect Tools open-sourced at GitHub

    I published all of the source code for the my EA tools and add-ins on https://github.com/GeertBellekens Enterprise Architect Toolpack This repository will contain all of the actual tools and add-ins for Enterprise Architect Currently it contains the EA...

  • eaDocX - Newly approved Third Party Plug-In for Enterprise Architect

    eaDocX is today announced as the only officially listed plug-in dedicated to high quality Word Document generation for Enterprise Architect. See it on the Sparx webpage " Third Party Plug-Ins for Enterprise Architect: Documentation" for more...

  • Importing Visio Diagrams into Enterprise Architect

    If you are not using Enterprise Architect to design your systems, you are giving up opportunities for increased productivity, that result from re-using your data across the whole project, sharing that data across the entire project team and using the...


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