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  • 'Intelligently Architecting The Information Silos': CEO Geoffrey Sparks chats with CIOReview

    In a candid interview with Arun Kant from CIOReview, Sparx Systems' CEO Geoffrey Sparks highlights how Enterprise Architecture has become an imperative for survival in the ever-changing and globalized corporate landscape. CIOReview has also included...

  • Brisbane Sparx Systems Special Interest Group

    Join us for the inaugural event of the Brisbane Sparx Systems EA SIG. Date: January 16th, 2018 Time: 6:00 PM Location: Level 1, 70 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Qld, Australia Scott Hebbard - Communications Manager at Sparx Systems - will be conducting a...

  • Register Now - EA Global Summit - 2020

    EA GLOBAL SUMMIT The e-Conference For the Global EA Community Discover and learn with the world’s prolific EA professionals Explore the latest trends and learn how to best use Enterprise Architect to solve real business problems. A line-up of expert...

  • Where to start a SparxEA implementation? ... “the stakeholder map”

    The implementation and use of Enterprise Architect and the entire Sparx Systems products family in any organization represents a path of maturity (a process), which must be followed in a prudent and focused way to achieve results and move forward based...

  • Hello CodeBot - a simple, secure, rich media, low code application

    Hello CodeBot – a simple, secure, rich media, low code application Matt Stephens and Doug Rosenberg Parallel Agile, Inc. www.parallelagile.com Everyone’s familiar with introductory “Hello World” programs as a way to help you learn a new programming...

  • Simple VBA Excel to EA importer version 4

    Version 4 on the Excel to EA Importer now introduces a feature to export Tagged Values to Excel, edit them in Excel and import the changes back into Enterprise Architect. The Excel to EA importer is a rather simple tool to import stuff into EA. It has...

  • Architecture Based Approach to Semantic Interoperability and Information Protection

    Paper describing an Architectural approach to Semantic Interoperability and information protections using UML and UPDM. ASMG supports this approach using Enterprise Architect and its UPDM extension.

  • Tormigo - support for requirements management in EA

    Modesto Company publishes tool support for management of requirements gathered in Enterprise Architect. Tormigo offers in the requirements management area: The possibility to configure the basic options of the application and the possibility to choose...

  • LieberLieber AMUSE 2.0 was released today.

    Today we launch LieberLieber AMUSE 2.0 ! The next evolution of our leading edge UML/SysML Simulation and Execution extension for Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems . You can get your copy for Evaluation from: here Find more Details on our Blog:...

  • Developing Standards for SmartGrid

    Developing Standards for SmartGrid In December 1999 a committee of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) identified electrification as the first of 20 greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century. With the passage of the Energy...

  • Why Contribute?

    Why Contribute? While there are are numerous benefits to contributing to the community's knowledge base, these are some of the benefits which we consider particularly relevant. Promote your unique skills, expertise and thought leadership and gain...

  • New ‘Enterprise Architect Scripting Workshop’ from Hippo Software

    Hippo Software introduces a new 2-day ‘EA Scripting Workshop’ that teaches delegates how to write scripts to control and update models in Enterprise Architect. Delegates use VBScript to automate repetitive tasks such as updating tagged values, to...

  • Watch new BEASI Tutorial video clips for guidance

    A library of tutorial videos is now available for the Enterprise Architect tool, BEASI. The videos are 2-4 minutes long and explain in detail how each function of the software plug-in works. The videos can be used as reference points or as a tutorial...

  • IIBA Announces Strategic Partnership with Sparx Systems

    IIBA has signed a collaborative agreement with Sparx Systems Pty Ltd. IIBA is committed to forging value-add relationships with corporations, associations and business stakeholders to create greater connections and engagements across the business...

  • Copy a Diagram to the Clipboard

    Copying a Diagram to the Clipboard This tutorial is a very simple example, but also very handy when producing reports and documentation. You can copy and paste your current diagram using the shortcut CTRL+B. It's a simple way of copying and pasting...

  • LemonTree 2.0 - New Release of LieberLieber's Diffing & Merging Tool

    LieberLieber is proud to announce that, following months of hard work, we are releasing the best LemonTree version yet. Do you work in a team or do you create software in the field of functional safety? Then LieberLieber LemonTree 2.0 is exactly the...

  • Images Assets and Custom Diagrams in EA 15

    Images Assets and Custom Diagrams in EA 15 Using images to add relevance to any architecture diagram is a very common practice. Enterprise Architect has always supported modellers to set ‘Alternate Image’ or ‘Default Image’ for elements to create such...

  • Help

    Welcome to the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community Site! For assistance with problems/queries please first check the FAQ page for a possible answer. If that doesn't work feel free to use our feedback form to submit your query to Sparx Systems.

  • The Business Solutions Integrated Framework - BSIF

    BSIF is a Feature Rich MDG that can be used to power Enterprise Implementations of Enterprise Architect. Bridging the gap between formal notations and real life business solution delivery- BSIF supports template based approaches and automatic document...

  • Hippo Software presents BPMN Workshop in London on 25th September 2013

    Hippo Software is delivering a BPMN workshop at the ‘Telecoms for Smart Grids’ conference in London on 25th September 2013. This workshop teaches delegates how to create business process models in order to assess and communicate business change....


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