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  • Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reporting in the Cloud

    Trac-Car has built a reporting solution for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions for Australia's National Greenhouse Emissions Reporting in Sparx Enterprise Architect. The solution has a UML model at its core that has been used to generate a database to...

  • SDTimes 100 2015

    Sparx Systems Recognized for Innovation and Industry Leadership Sparx Systems has been recognized in the SD Times 100 as a leader in the application life-cycle management and development tools category. Sparx Systems is very proud to have been named in...

  • Reader's Choice Award Recognizes Sparx Systems For Software Architecture

    Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect has been honored with a Silver medal for Software Architecture excellence in this year's Visual Studio Reader's Choice Award. This follows on from winning a Bronze award in 2015 for outstanding solutions in the...

  • BIZBOK Foundations Virtual Training Course from Sparx North America

    Up-level your Business Architecture skills and knowledge with this 3-day BIZBOK Foundations course August 21-23,2018 Delivered virtually during North America business hours Cost: $1350 USD REGISTER TODAY BIZBOK Foundation course offered by Sparx...

  • Elements of Business Modeling

    Modern Analyst Webinar Series Featured Speaker: Ramsay Millar, Business Architect, INTEGRATE IT, Inc. When: Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 10:00 AM Pacific (1:00 PM Eastern). Elements of Business Modeling - Every sector today is being led by the...

  • Word and Excel integration - new video guides available from eaDocX

    We are pleased to announce that the eaDocX website now includes a new set of videos, showing how to integrate your Enterprise Architect model with the usability of Microsoft Word and Excel. This set of very short video guides illustrates just how easy...

  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions Introduction The Terms and Conditions spelled out in this Agreement are stipulated between You and Sparx Systems Pty Ltd. (“Sparx”). You are hereby agreeing to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). These Terms...

  • Panorama 360 Showcased by Trisotech

    Panorama 360, a world known Insurance and Wealth management enterprise business architecture framework, capability map and process models will be showcased at the BPM,com in Banking, Finance and Insurance and the BPM Bootcamp, Sept 29-Oct 2 in Chicago....

  • Feedback from the EAUG Paris 2015

    I organised and attended the first edition of the EAUG in Paris last week. It's been a very busy, interesting and exciting day overall. My colleague at VISEO, Yves Connetable, wrote a very good summary on what happened during this day. I translated it...

  • New! Support Contracts with Bellekens!

    Ever needed a helping hand, or needed an expert to fall back on if you have a difficult question or face a problem with Enterprise Architect? Now you can. Bellekens now offers support contracts for those occasional interventions. We offer both Monthly...

  • NATO Announces New Architecture Standards

    In the past couple of weeks the announcement went out that the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Board ( NATO C3B ) recently adopted both the OMG Unified Architecture Framework ™ (OMG UAF ® ) and The Open Group Archimate (TOG Archimate) as...

  • Sparx Services North America Named to EA Top 20 List by CIO Review

    Sparx Services North America Named Top 20 Most Promising EA Technology Providers by CIO Review Magazine 2018 Enterprise Architecture Edition Cover Story The 2018 Enterprise Architecture Special Edition of CIO Review Magazine hit newsstands this week...

  • How To Go From Domain Model to Fully Deployed Microservice in 60 Seconds with Parallel Agile CodeBot™

    Thanks to my colleague Matt Stephens for writing this tutorial on the CodeBot that he's built. You can download the CodeBot tutorial here, and also watch a CodeBot Tutorial video here. Parallel Agile CodeBot™ is accesible through the Parallel Agile...

  • Evolving your Process Models with Time Aware Modelling

    Evolving your Business Processes through Time Aware modelling Earlier this week I was spending a little time flitting around the various LinkedIn groups that I frequent. In one of the BPMN groups, the group admin had set a fun little challenge as...

  • C# Add-in template

    The following file is a C# Add-in Template for Enterprise Architect. Use it as a base project for any C# Add-in work.

  • eBook: Embedded Systems Development using SysML

    Embedded Systems Development using SysML is not just an overview of the SysML modeling notation - it is a practical guide for systems engineers! The book provides a well defined approach to systems development, and applies it to a detailed example...

  • Publication of new book -- Patterns of Data Modeling

    Tried and tested patterns can help developers build data models better, faster, and with fewer mistakes. The book assumes a basic understanding of data modeling, but provides examples in such a way that if the reader needs some review, it is built in....

  • Sparx Systems is now on Twitter

    You can now follow our news feed for the latest company and product news. To better connect with the Enterprise Architect community and provide you with up to date information, Sparx Systems is now running a Twitter feed at:...

  • SysML 1.3 beta preview

    The next version of SysML, the modelling language based on UML for Systems Engineering projects, should be released in June as version 1.3 beta is currently listed on the OMG.org website . Even though SysML 1.3 beta specifications aren’t released yet,...

  • EnArWeb 1.0 has been released!

    Open your Web browser and immediately start working with the Data in your Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems Repository. EnArWEB reduces EA’s complexity to several aggregated views matching the needs of your daily work and shortens the learning...


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