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  • Importing Visio Diagrams into Enterprise Architect

    If you are not using Enterprise Architect to design your systems, you are giving up opportunities for increased productivity, that result from re-using your data across the whole project, sharing that data across the entire project team and using the...

  • UML and SysML training with Enterprise Architect 14 available in France

    Delivered by Enterprise Architect experts from VISEO, up to date training courses are available in France with the latest version 14.1. Training courses combine theory and exercises. One of its goals is to understand and practice Enterprise Architect...

  • Tailoring and Deploying a Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Configuration

    How can we make sure that our user community gets the right Enterprise Architect configuration? How can we automatically configure their user experience so that it is adapted to our company-standard modeling language (MDG)? Since the Belgian railways...

  • SysML with Enterprise Architect training sessions available in French

    I ran a number of times a 3 day training course for a client in the automotive industry on SysML with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect tool to model complex systems . This training course in french involved two instructors: Pascal Roques, a SysML and...

  • New Training Courses from Dunstan Thomas Consulting

    New courses released onto the DT schedule & virtual learning environment! With no small amount of effort we have managed to bring forward the release of the phase 2 online training courses available via the Dunstan Thomas virtual learning environment....

  • Prolaborate 3.4 released: custom properties, diagram editor, custom logs path, dashboard collaboration

    Prolaborate 3.4 has been released mid-February with new features and enhancements. Custom query-based properties applicable for the elements attributes view Using Prolaborate Modelling Language form designer, Enterprise Architect fields such as the...

  • Prolaborate 3.2 released: Architecture Landscape chart, Matrices, Bulk import

    Sparx Systems has released Prolaborate 3.2 this summer with the following enhancements. Charts ** Architecture Landscape : new chart dedicated for your Enterprise Architecture data. Chart Designer : build your graphs with this step by step design tool...

  • SparxSystems CE: Belgian Railway relies on Enterprise Architect

    SparxSystems CE: Belgian Railway relies on Enterprise Architect In order to prepare itself for the liberalisation of national railway markets in 2023, the Belgian National Railway Company SNCB has developed an architecture continuum using Enterprise...

  • Enterprise Architect project browser scripts: sort elements by alias or by tagged value

    I recently imported a number of requirements in my Enterprise Architect project with the following details: title, reference (stored in the requirement's alias), and description. By default Sparx Enterprise Architect sorts requirements within a given...

  • Enterprise Architect Community Building – “Best Practice Workshop”

    “Geteiltes Wissen ist doppeltes Wissen!” – is our motto, meaning that by sharing knowledge you will double the knowledge. As the number of Enterprise Architect Users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is constantly growing Sparx Systems Central Europe...

  • Tools for Traceability in Enterprise Architect - New Webinar!

    Presented by Mr Scott Hebbard May 2013 Mr Scott Hebbard , Communications Manager at Sparx Systems, will demonstrate helpful tools and techniques for achieving traceability in Enterprise Architect - from decisions to deployment. Learn how to: Perform...

  • Metadata Management with Enterprise Architect

    Metadata Management At the recent meeting of the G8 in Northern Ireland, the members released the Open Data Charter . The Charter recognizes the central role open data can play in improving government and governance and in stimulating growth through...

  • Swedish Enterprise Architect User Group Event: Nov 11, Stockholm

    The final Enterprise Architect User Group event in Europe for 2016 will be held on November 11th at the Folksam, Bohusgatan 14, 106 60 Stockholm. Tickets available now for the upcoming Swedish Enterprise Architect User Group, full schedule published...

  • North American Enterprise Architect User Group - Chicago

    Knowledge Exchange & Networking Opportunity Join us in Chicago on Thursday 16th of November to hear from senior representatives from Sparx Systems HQ and Sparx Services North America, along with Partners and senior industry representatives. Lunch and...

  • Enterprise Architect Rated #1 by IT Central Station

    Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect has been ranked #1 by the user community at IT Central Station - the dynamic community site providing unbiased user based critiques and comparisons of software products. Enterprise Architect has been identified as a...

  • New Year, New Hippo Software Enterprise Architect Training Courses

    Hippo Software launches new Enterprise Architect training courses: EA Essentials [1 day] EA for Business Analysts [2 days] EA for Business Analysts with UML [3 days] EA for Business Analysts with UML and BPMN [3 days] EA Requirements with Use Cases [2...

  • Circa 2010: Estimate And Track Progress Of Enterprise Architect Projects

    Plan, estimate and track the progress of your Enterprise Architect projects using Circa. This release features vastly enhanced scheduling capabilities allowing users to indicate percentage progress on individual tasks. New colour-coding allows users to...

  • LieberLieber integrates Enterprise Architect with codeBeamer from INTLAND

    Recently we shipped an integration between Enterprise Architect from Sparxsystem s with codeBeamer from INTLAND . Now we have a short Video showing what it can do! Integrating Enterprise Architect with various ALM tools has become one of our core...

  • Live Stream Webinar: Enterprise Architect 13 Highlights Part 2

    YouTube Live Stream Webinar: Enterprise Architect 13 Highlights, Part 2 In our second installment of the Enterprise Architect 13 release series, we delve into some of the new productivity tools introduced in this major milestone release. In this LIVE...

  • TORMIGO - synchronization of the requirements between Enterprise Architect and Google Docs

    I am pleased to announce that on 1.10.2011 we released a new version of TORMIGO - Third Party Plug-ins for Enterprise Architect. We fixed a number of smaller bugs and we added GDocs module which allows for synchronization of the requirements saved in...


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