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sparx prolaborate vision

 McKinsey Survey Report:

More than 40 percent of Enterprise Architects say that the business leaders in their companies are not aware of what the EA group does.

Gartner's report on Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Architecture Tools

Enterprise Architecture tools deliver true value ONLY when the broader organization can use the information that architects and others enter collaboratively for analysis and decision support.

TOGAF Version 9.2

By communicating with stakeholders early and frequently, the architecture team can ensure that they fully understand the architecture process, and the benefits of Enterprise Architecture; this means they can support the architecture team more actively when necessary.

These snippets perfectly convey why it’s critical to be transparent at an organization level when it comes to Enterprise Architecture. A transparent architecture practice can lead the organization

  • to align business and IT leaders
  • make smarter decisions faster
  • be proactive in mitigating risks
  • be agile at times of disruption

and ultimately lead to achieving its vision.

You might have felt that it’s important to make real-time architecture information available to the right audience at the right time while using Enterprise Architect (EA) for the following:

Sparx Enterprise Archtiect use cases

So, in this article, we bring you the top 4 highly successful ways how EA users in large organizations use Sparx Systems Prolaborate to share models online.

 4 ways to share Sparx EA models online

4 Ways to Share EA Models Online

Share to Collaborate

This is the most ideal way to share your Enterprise Architecture information with a long-term perspective. While it’s important to make live EA models readily available, it is equally important to enable collaboration.

Collaboration is crucial in making your Enterprise Architecture efforts a success and lead your organization to the future state you have envisioned. The target audience is the EA stakeholders who want to be part of the larger vision of the organization.

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Share with Different Teams or Customers

The objective here is to create simple self-service portals that make valuable information in your Enterprise Architect models available to the whole organization.

Although Share to Collaborate is the ideal way, we have seen many organizations which just want to share EA models most simply and cost-effectively.

The target audience are all users whom you want to constantly update on the progress of your Enterprise Architecture efforts; this can be different customers for whom you are working for or different teams in your organization with whom you want to share frequent updates.

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Instant Share

The goal here is make live information from your Enterprise Architect models available to anybody in the organization around the globe instantly.

The target audience can be anybody in the organization who want to get access to live information as quickly as possible.

Let’s say you are done with a business process and want to quickly share it with your team to check their thoughts. All you do is a single click and share the link with them. It’s as simple as that!

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Share in Confluence / SharePoint

In the recent past, majority of the organizations have moved away from file-based documents to online knowledge management platforms like Confluence and, SharePoint

And obviously, information from Enterprise Architect models which were being shared in files through various apps have been actively replaced by these platforms.

Whilst these platforms reduce the overheads in sharing documents, it still involves significant efforts from architects to manually update the contents in these pages.

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If you have any questions on the sharing ways, trial, or Proof of Concept, feel free to submit your questions using this form or email your queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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