Jackie Mitchell

Ability Engineering Ltd (Chief Executive Officer)

I have >25 years experience in high technology development in aerospace, health, telecoms and IT, as a project and programme manager, consultant and trainer. I have a track record of leading multi-disciplinary, international teams to efficiently deliver high quality projects on time and to budget.

I am enthusiastic about developing the use of Enterprise Architect, integrating structured analysis & design with best practice Project Management, sharing EA insights with key stakeholders and releasing project teams to do what they do best.

We are pleased to announce that the eaDocX website now includes a new set of videos, showing how to integrate your Enterprise Architect model with the usability of Microsoft Word and Excel.  This set of very short video guides illustrates just how easy and fast it is to create and maintain great quality communications, putting your EA knowledge at the heart of your business.

No need for rtf - just publish direct into Word. 
No need for csv - open your model direct in Excel.

The videos are:

  1. Quick document.  This shows how to create a Word document from a package using eaDocX Quick document. It then reviews the output, explaining some of the default features, including document sections, structure, diagrams, tables, and hyperlinks.
  2. Introduction to eaXL.  In this video we export data from a model package, edit it, including creating a number of new elements, and then update the model - showing the new elements in the EA project browser.  And all in just 62 seconds!
  3. Conditional formatting.  By highlighting missing or interesting content, your documents can be made much clearer.  This video shows how to create rules to automatically add colour or replace text in your Word documents.
  4. Templates and Profiles.  This video explains how profiles let you define exactly what EA model data will print, and then how Word templates automatically manage the appearance of your documents.
  5. Document Management.  Showing how to add version control, status and approvals to your documents, and how to store the documents in your EA model, this video describes how eaDocX makes document management easy.
  6. Producing a Glossary.  By reading your document and comparing it with your EA Glossary terms, this video shows how you can automatically produce a glossary for each of your documents, containing ONLY the terms in that document. 

Take a free 30 day trial and discover document excellence for yourself.

eaDocX: document excellence

Thursday, 22 November 2012 18:05

An eaDocX Christmas present

You will know that here at eaDocX we are always trying to find ways to integrate the knowledge you have stored in Enterprise Architect into the rest of your Microsoft-using environment.

The last significant release of eaDocX was version 3.2, which included the launch of Corporate edition. That delivered Excel integration and document versioning.

Since then we have been collecting customer requests and imagining ways to make eaDocX even better in version 3.3.  
We've got 15 suggestions. But we want to know what the Enterprise Architect community think should be our priorities.

So we produced the attached document (using eaDocX, of course) where all 15 of the possible development options are described. Please take a look, then vote in our poll for the item you want the most.

NB if what you want isn't on the list, then please go to the Forum - Suggestion Box and add your idea there.

The poll is only open until Christmas Eve, December 24th, so v3.3 will be a late Christmas present.  The release date will depend on whether you pick the hard or easy things for us to do first!

So, as they say in Chicago, "Vote early, and vote often".

Thanks for your participation.

The elves.

eaDocX: document excellence

Monday, 13 August 2012 12:20

eaDocX Corporate Edition launched

Now eaDocX does much more than just create great documents from your EA models.

Corporate Edition eaDocX™ is THREE PRODUCTS IN ONE, putting your EA model at the heart of your business.

Excel - Enterprise Architect - Word Integration

1 Tight EA integration with MSWord for fast and easy production of amazing quality documents

  Open Word inside Enterprise Architect to create documents simply and accurately

  • All EA content formatted exactly as you want including diagrams, hyperlinks, conditional formatting and much more.
  • Document Management features to support ISO 9001:2008 compliance
  • Automatically updated with only 2 clicks whenever your EA model changes.


2 Tight EA integration with MSExcel to import, export and manipulate all your EA data

Open Excel inside Enterprise Architect for easy import and export of EA data 

  • Export exisiting EA data (Packages, Elements) into Excel for distribution, review and update
  • Edit EA data in Excel, including adding Tagged Values
  • Import Excel data into EA from any spreadsheet 

3 Embed Excel output into your Word documents

 Include charts and spreadsheet ranges inside eaDocX documents

  • Include any Excel spreadsheet range
  • Include any type of Excel chart
  • All automatically updated from EA when you regenerate your document.


Free 30 day free Corporate Edition trial available

eaDocX: document excellence - Corporate Edition

eaDocX is an Ability Engineering Ltd product. 

eaDocX: document excellence

Announcing the latest version of eaDocX... version 3.0 (beta).  Loads more features including intelligent document creation, UI changes to make it even easier to customise your formatting, plus lots of new customer requests. 


New in eaDocX 3.0:

  • New user interface plus clearer, more online help
    • Improvements to inline & table formatting pages and conditional formatting
  • Intelligent definition of relationships: now reads the current model, to see what's present.
    • Makes definition of relationships much simpler and more accurate
  • Document Information now a fully-functional element.
    • can have inline, table, inline + table formatting
    • also can use Word document Properties
  • Lots of new 'summary' attributes: summarise children e.g. internal requirements.
  • Horizontal & vertical tables for 'inline' elements.** 
    • Profiles can now have line-breaks between attributes
    • and intermediate titles
    • ...and forced page breaks after an element
  • Use Word table styles as well as eaDocX - hundreds more table options.**
  • Element Reports can now use EA Searches to create their list of elements.**
  • Pre- and Post-conditions now treated as separate elements: allows better formatting of Use Cases.**
  • Matrix reports now have vertical text in top title: makes them much more compact, and easier to read.**
To trial this new version, please Register or Login on the eaDocX website, then go to the Downloads page.


** Customer requests


Thursday, 01 March 2012 12:13

eaDocX Beta version 2.2 released

eaDocX: document excellence

Today we have released the new eaDocX Beta of version 2.2.

All the features in this release have been developed in response to customer requests.  


What's new in eaDocX 2.2?

•Element Cross-Reference Reports which print all the elements referenced in a document

•Printing Element Details, including Element Features

•Tracing of eaDocX generator

•Improved rules for checking document & repository compatibility

•Printing of Run State Variables for Objects

•Plus fixes for SQLServer compatibility, printing of Package tagged values

To trial this new version, please Register or Login on the eaDocX website, then go to the Downloads page.



We’re looking for EA enthusiasts who are experienced in either BPMN, TOGAF, SysML, DoDAF/MODAF, Archimate, SOA, SOMF or Zachman, to help us refine our support for these specialised styles of EA model. Our experience is mostly with UML, so we’ve got that covered.

The deal is:

  • You send us some real-world example documents and EA models using these model styles -  suitably sanitised to remove any confidential content - with some ideas on what you’d like the documents to look like when generated by eaDocX. We’re especially interested in the links between elements, rather than just the elements & stereotypes.
  • We’ll send you a free copy of eaDocX – a single-user, full perpetual licence, with early access to future beta versions of new stuff.
  • You try-out the new eaDocX function & profiles which we produce to support those modelling styles, and give us your feedback.


If you’re interested, please let us know, by using the Contact Us form at www.eadocx.com, or if you know of EA specialists in any of the above areas, please pass this on: we’ve realised we can’t be experts at everything!

eaDocX: document excellence


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