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Building Smart Cities on Standards

Sparx Systems Supports Development of the Building Information Model (BIM)
BIM promises significant benefits to the building and construction industry and heralds the rise of Smart Cities. It is industry disruption and innovation writ large.
BIM captures the full integrated lifecycle of the built environment, with the people and the services it delivers. Future built spaces will be digital, tracking how and the extent to which buildings and other infrastructure are used, while improving asset performance, optimising operation and reducing cost.
“Data and communication flow between BIM and GIS systems is fundamental to the successful convergence of the two domains, which will require a mechanism to link them. To this effect, the conceptual mapping standard B2GM is currently being standardised by ISO TC/211 as ISO 19166”, said Knut Jetlund, a standardisation expert and Chair of the Harmonised Model Management Group (HMMG). 
At its 26th Plenary Meeting held at Copenhagen in May 2008, the ISO/TC 211 Technical Committee decided to maintain its geospatial reference models using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect – an industry leading visual modeling platform. More than a decade later Sparx Systems support for the HMMG continues. Today, Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server enables cloud collaboration, opening the entire standards development community to the modeling effort, with  secure access for discussion and review.
 "Enterprise Architect is a very powerful tool to make the digital model in the standard. With this tool, you can design model views of various perspectives and effectively communicate with stakeholders related to use cases. Without Enterprise Architect, it would be difficult to have the sufficient level of information model required by ISO" said Dr. Tae-wook, Kang, a BIM subject matter expert, researcher and author at the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology and who is leading the ISO 19166 development project. 
Dr.Kang is also Director in Object-Oriented Design/Analysis and CAD Engineering Software Development with extensive experience in the full life cycle of the research and software process.
“As the range of stakeholder interest in the development of standards widens and increases the  requirements challenge for the standards developer, it is both best practice and practically essential to use the best visual modeling platforms available”, noted Ken Harkin, Head of Strategic Relations at Sparx Systems.
He added that “Standards being developed today must be flexible and able to withstand and adapt to fast changing market technologies and associated processes. Through every day use by standards development teams in many industries that are converging and continuous user feedback from a diverse global market, standards developers can be assured of the current and evolving industrial strength of  Enterprise Architect.”
About Sparx Systems:
Sparx Systems is a global software company specializing in high performance, visual modeling platforms for planning, designing and constructing software-intensive systems. Sparx platforms are used by systems designers, corporate planners, business analysts, enterprise architects, standards developers and software engineers. Sparx modeling software is widely used in finance, defense, government, aerospace, automotive engineering, geospatial, entertainment, health, smart grid, aviation, retail and telecommunications.
Sparx Systems' flagship modeling platform, Enterprise Architect, provides robust support for team-wide collaboration, and can scale up from single-user deployment to teams with hundreds of local and remote collaborators. With more than 750,000 effective users globally and 80% of Fortune 100 firms owning licenses, Enterprise Architect is an essential platform for the most complex of projects.
Recipient of multiple industry awards, Sparx Systems is highly regarded in the industry for the delivery of scalable, robust and affordable digital transformation software solutions. Sparx software is price competitive even when deployed across the entire development team. First developed in 1998, the Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect modeling platform was commercially released in 2000, and has enjoyed more than 15 years of continuous development and growth.
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