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OPEN SOURCE Panorama 360 Insurance and Wealth Management Enterprise Business Architecture Framework and Process Models

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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect contains all the 530 business capabilities plus close to 600 information capabilities, including all the definitions for each of them. In addition, Enterprise Architect allows you to link all the funtional capabilities to the information capabilities they create and use, thus showing the business integration points in an organization. 

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Is your organization interested in an OPEN SOURCE Panorama 360 license for Insurance and Wealth Management?

Ask us how at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Over the years, we have developed the most extensive Insurance and Wealth Management Reference Knowledge Base comprised of:

  • Business Capability Map,
  • Enterprise Business Architecture Framework (function and information),
  • Create/Use Matrix (CRUD),
  • Value Streams/Process Models with stakeholders and metrics

which are being leveraged by companies all over the world.

Panorama 360 allows you to plan, design, develop and manage tomorrow's organizations, processes and technology.


You will find samples of the different Panorama 360 components by looking at the associated attached documenets, or reviewing the Dropbox link:

In addition to what is found in the electronic documents, we provide everything in machine readable format which can be uploaded to your own modeling tools. Below is a description of what is included with Panorama 360.

 What do you get with Panorama 360? 

The complete Enterprise Business Architecture Framework in electronic format (454 pages)which includes:

  • Business context descriptions
  • Business capabilities with definitions
  • Business functions with definitions
  • Information capabilities with definitions
  • Information models with structures 
  • Function and Information Intersection

Including Machine Readable format with:

  • Everything found in the above mentioned Enterprise Business Architecture Framework document PLUS
  • Create/Use Matrix (CRUD) of the Enterprise Business Architecture Framework showing the information ownership and the organization integration requirements

The above Enterprise Business Framework is also available in pre-loaded format on Sparx Enterprise Architect.


Value Streams/Business Process Models in electronic format (454 pages) which includes: 

  • Approach to leveraging the Enterprise Framework to build processes
  • Value Chain
  • All Insurance and Wealth Management core Value Streams/Business Processes
  • Descriptions for all of the business processes
  • Description of activities at all stages of the Value Streams/Business Processes
  • List of the stakeholders that play a role in the processes 

Including Machine Readable format with:

  • Everything found in the above mentioned Value Streams/Business Process Models document PLUS
  • Metrics for each process


Let me know if your organization is interested in a FREE Panorama 360 license.

Contact us for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please share this email or my article on LinkedIn at


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Pierre Gagné

Global Senior Business Architect Insurance/Wealth Management - Author of Open Source Panorama 360- Enterprise Architecture and Process Models.

Pierre Gagné FCIP, is an accomplished global senior business architect and strategic consultant in insurance, having worked in 10 countries. He is President of PSG and Insurance Frameworks. For the last 40 years, he has been assisting close to 100 insurance and wealth management companies, working with the business as well as with IT. He is regarded globally as a thought leader and dynamic practitioner who brings reason, clarity, and practicality to complex business architecture and business change. Pierre's insights can be found in his acclaimed Panorama 360 Insurance and Wealth Management Capability Maps, Enterprise Business Framework, Business Process Models and Methodologies.

Pierre has built a reputation globally. Pierre was Partner and Sr. VP at Newlink Group, co-partner in a consulting firm, Global Insurance Practice Director at DMR, and manager of Information Services in the areas of Strategic Planning with major insurance organizations. Early in his career, Pierre was a Director in Claims and Special Risk Underwriting.

Specialties: Insurance, Wealth Management, business and IT strategies, business and IT architecture, business case, business process, change management, customer relations, customer satisfaction, business operation, business and IT alignment, performance management, process management, technology selection, company mergers, project audit, business capability maps, project delivery maturity assessment, training, facilitation.

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