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New release of EA Installation Inspector V7 adds support for 64-bit AddIns

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Originally released to the community in January 2014 EA Installation Inspector has been invaluable when developing and testing EA AddIns.  This version is an intial release which provides support for both 32-bit and 64-bit addins.

The user interface details information about the current EA installation as well as a list of the AddIns detailing where the Sparx AddIn key is defined, classes registered and the related DLL file.


Double click on an entry to get more details about a specific entry.

V7 popup

Alternatively, use the treeviewer presentation, with its context sensitive menus, to explore further or initiate searches within the windows registry.

RegistryTreeV7 ContextMenu


A copy of this initial release of eaInstallationInspector can be obtained at EAII - Download page

The zip file ( contains the windows executable. Unzip the contents eaInstallationInspectorV7xx.exe and run. 
It may be that you are unable to run the program due to Windows security policies that are set on your system.  In that case you will need to get suitable permissions from your computer administrator.


Included in the attached zip is a document eaInstallationInspectionInformationV7xx.pdf which provides information about the utility functions and presentation of its results.  This information is also included in the application, available through the help button.


For those interested the source is available on Github at


As this is a major change there are likely to be a few changes as feedback is received on what and how the information is presented.  Please send any feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Comment Link Helmut Ortmann Wednesday, 28 September 2022 07:33 posted by Helmut Ortmann

    A great tool and it helps in difficult situations,

    It would be a good idea to add the functionality:
    - Remove all registry entries for that AddIn

    Sometimes there are remnant from earlier installations and this would help to make an easy new installation,

    Thanks for your great work,


  • Comment Link Guillaume Wednesday, 24 August 2022 11:48 posted by Guillaume

    Thanks for the update Adrian. It'll be useful to address installation issues with the 64 bits support.

  • Comment Link Bert Dingemans Monday, 22 August 2022 07:11 posted by Bert Dingemans

    Thank you Adrian, that new version is of great help!


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