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Friday, 26 August 2011 14:52

Dunstan Thomas ALM CaliberRM / Enterprise Architect Add-in trial licence available for download

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The CaliberRM and Enterprise Architect Add-In has been developed using Enterprise Architect Add-In and MDG Add-In technologies.

A selected package (or view) within the Enterprise Architect project is connected to a specific requirements baseline, within a specific CaliberRM project, on a particular CaliberRM server.

CaliberRM Requirements can be imported into Enterprise Architect maintaining their same order and tree structure as specified in the associated CaliberRM project. The CaliberRM Requirement Type is replicated in Enterprise Architect by modelling each Caliber Requirement Type as a Package, thereby attaining the same “look-and-feel” in both products.

You can download the trial licence from; http://www.dthomas.co.uk/dtalm/products/CaliberRM-Enterprise-Architect-Integration.htm

You can review the EULA for the add-in here; http://www.dthomas.co.uk/dtalm/shop/caliberrem-enterprise-architect-integration-eula.htm

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